Morrisson finally reveals what he is running for.

It has been known in the political community that community and progressive activist Eric Morrisson was going to run for some kind of office. He put together campaign-worthy social media sites with professional headshots and then started publishing commentary on the issues of the day. Then he began teasing a run for office to his followers on the site and friends. It is an innovative tactic in this social media age to generate interest in a campaign, and Eric did it well. He even refused to tell me what he was running for, which made me even more curious.

So, he announced yesterday in an email and social media blast that he is running for State Representative in the 27th RD, which is currently represented by Earl Jaques. Jaques, to my knowledge, has not indicated whether he is retiring or running for reelection, but I doubt that factors into Morrisson’s plans regardless. Morrisson would be happy to primary Jaques or run for an open seat.

I don’t always agree with Eric on everything, but I do agree with primary challenges to established incumbents who have lost their way on one issue or another. For Jaques, it’s his support for charter schools and Markell’s corporate education reform efforts, as well as some conservative stances on social issues that has placed him out of step with the base of the Democratic Party.

Morrison is a lifelong Delawarean, being born in Sussex and living in the Newark/Bear area since 1992. He has had a varied career of being a teacher and tutor, a Medicaid and health insurance business analyst, a data governance editor, and a human resources project manager. He has also been a community and political activist and volunteer, most recently with Delaware United.

His platform, with he calls “Our Platform,” which is a nice touch of inclusiveness, is perhaps the most detailed and progressive platform I have seen on a candidate’s website for the General Assembly. Give it a read and perhaps attend his campaign launch event on May 19th to check him out.

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  1. Delawarefirst

    Morrison got slayed on Delaware
    Liberal yesterday for his complete inappropriate online behavior. While many comments were anonymous his behavior is well know among political circles and one person, mike Matthews went on record about it. Very concerning first day about his behavior.

    • Prop Joe

      I find it ironic that “Delaware Liberal” of all places is going to take someone to task for online behavior… Pot-Kettle-Obsidian… That site makes Blue Delaware look like a meeting of the Pot-Luck Planning Committee at the local Senior Center.

      • Mike Matthews

        To be sure, it wasn’t Delaware Liberal taking anyone to task. It was the commenters, myself included. El Som shared some concerns, but REV basically poohpooed Eric’s online behavior.

        • Delaware Dem

          And to be further clear, I was not aware on any online behavior when I published this. But such behavior should definitely be taken into account if it was recent. Like the stories about how Amy Klobuchar treats her staff, recent online behavior is a view into the character of a person.

        • RE Vanella

          I did! Because Facebook is fucking stupid & not real life!

          If you decide against voting for someone you’ve never met because he was mean on the internet you’re not bright.

          And of all people who should grasp this, Michael.

          • Mike Matthews

            Huh? First off, who the hell is Michael? My name is “Mike,” as the comment above clearly states. There are very clear differences between the comments I posted TEN YEARS AGO before completely flipping my attitude and moving on to something productive and someone who IS STILL CURRENTLY posting crazed, insulting, and bizarre rage-filled comments deciding to run for office.

            If you can’t tell the difference between the two, Chocolate, then I don’t know how to help you.

            • RE Vanella

              I can’t imagine any situation whereby I would need your help. And I can imagine quite a lot.

              • Mike Matthews

                That’s fine. But please don’t be dismissive of the content of my comment, as you appear to be doing. Find me one tenth of the level of hatred and lunacy in my comments in my run up to being a union leader as we’ve seen from Eric Morrison on Facebook and THEN maybe you’ve got a comparison to make. As it stands, you’ve got nothing.

                • RE Vanella

                  Your entire premise depends on me caring about two things. That internet comments of these kind matter in context and the time internal between when the comments were made and when the individual entered public life.

                  I care about neither.

                  Get it now? I was going to be shitty you again. But I decided, just this once, to give you the bare bones that you’re not getting.

                  I don’t care about these people’s feeling re: how they were treated on the internet. I don’t care about yours. Not in this context. Politics are more important. It wasn’t real life. They were petty arguments on Facebook.

                  That fucking ghoul Earl Jack’s voted against SB 5. If you think I give one solitary fuck that someone was offended on the internet…

                  I do not. And you fucking shouldn’t either.

                  Have I made myself fucking clear, Michael.

                  • RE Vanella

                    Please note. That was not a typo. His name is Earl Jack’s.

                  • Mike Matthews

                    Think I’m gonna take your comment below and peace out. Yes, you are literally insane.

                  • Mike Matthews

                    One more thing: You conveniently seem to be ignoring the study that was points down out to you over on DL that links treatment of people on social media and real life.

                    I laid out a narrative in my much longer comment on DL regarding the almost pathological obsession Morrison seems to have with denigrating and degrading large swaths of people, then unfriending/blocking them, and then, weeks or months down the road, refriending them. This is bizarre behavior and, in my mind, it speaks to some, I don’t know, hang-ups that I’m not qualified to diagnose.

                    You can rationalize all you like, but your own comments in defense of Eric’s bizarre and mentally questionable behavior make you sound like a damn ass.

                    And your condescension here and on DL is deserving of little respect. Keep shouting all the fuck you want about caring only about politics, but the second you don’t give a shit about how people are treated is the second you turn into Donald Trump.

                    • Mike Matthews

                      “Pointed out” not “points down.”

                    • RE Vanella

                      Hahahaha. It was already over, dummy.

                  • pandora

                    I really don’t understand why you’re always so mean for the sake of being mean, REV.

                    I don’t use FB. (I have an account – I joined when my teens joined so I could keep an eye on things) But, I assure you, it is real life. No one gets a pass for being a jerk in any medium. No one gets to say, “Yeah, I said rude and disgusting things on FB or on a blog, but that doesn’t count.” It counts.

                    This isn’t anonymous trolling we’re talking about. Ignore away, when it comes to that. This is about people we know saying cruel and hateful things. And it’s fair to judge a candidate on that behavior. It’s fair for a voter to judge a candidate on any behavior. That’s the reality you’re looking for.

                    • RE Vanella

                      You assure me? Hahahaha. OK.

                      I think the reason we’re in the current political pit is we’re soft and our opponents are hard.

                      Although I’m very insulted and hurt an anonymous commenter called me insane. I’m the real victim here!

  2. Delawarefirst

    While I agree certain poster like re vanella are literally insane for the most part there are a lot of smart decent people. It also doesn’t excuse mr Morrison’s behavior. You want to act like that online that’s your prerogative but don’t expect it to not be an issues should you seek public office

  3. Salacious

    I would of given Eric a past had this been a 5 or 10 year old thing but this was his behavior as of last month

  4. Mitch Crane

    I believe that someone’s past behavior is always an issue, but that person’s record since that bad behavior is instructive in persuading that there has been growth, maturity and accomplishment. That is why I was strongly supportive of Mike Matthews when his old blog posts drove him out of office at DSEA. He had a record of maturity and leadership in recent years and deserved a pass for his old behavior.

    Eric Morrison may be right on the issues, but his behavior on social media, as recently as last month, indicates that he is unwilling to accept any disagreement with his positions on any issue, and he resorts to personal insult rather than intellectual debate. That behavior may be acceptable these days on social media, but we don’t need that in an elected official. Eric is intelligent and usually takes the right positions on issues. Let him mature and learn how to play with others….and then seek public office.

    • Sounds like he’s acting Presidential. It’s a proven winning stradegy.

  5. Joe Connor

    Probably accurate on Morrison but the irony is delicious:)

  6. RE Vanella

    Bill Clinton, who I would not vote for again with a gun drawn on me, was subject to an impeachment trial over lying about getting blown in the White House.

    If you turds want to worry about Facebook “behavior” when the dude wrote this:


    …and against Mister NO on SB 5 Earl Jacks Me Off….

    .. you do not know how to do politics.

    Fucking toughen up or just say you’re petite bourgeoisie trash who is scared of losing something. Then we can just move on. Either you’re an ally or you aren’t .

    Reassessment of your anonymous social media presence is needed! Anonymous!

    Also, consider.a patronage to the podcast. I won’t post a link so you won’t wet your pants.


    • pandora

      No one here has defended Earl Jaques. You’re just pretending they are. What has been said is that Morrisson has said some rude/nasty/mean/whatever things to people on social media and that could hurt him in an election. Seriously, that’s it.

      As far as knowing how to do politics… The first rule is you need votes to win. It would be awesome if every voter was informed and voted on the issues. It would even be more amazing if voters were as progressive as everyone here. But they aren’t. It also doesn’t help that saying rude/nasty/mean/whatever things on FB is something they’ll easily understand and talk about. That may not disqualify/hurt him, but as a candidate he’ll need to address it, unless you think screenshots of those comments won’t be put out there? (Of course they will.)

      • Delaware27

        Pandora gets it…….

        you cant be some progressive snooty asshole if you want to win. It boils down to that. Erica has pissed off a lot of people who would be in his camp because the way he treats people. Would I vote for Earl now over him due that? You damn right I will.

      • RE Vanella

        Hahahaha. This is the stupidest fucking shit I’ve seen!

        “Pandora’s” first rule of politics!

        Ok,. Go knock doors in the Highlands. Win some “Democratic” votes! Millionaire blue bloods for change!

        Hahahahaha. You fucking dipshits motivate me.

        • pandora

          Instead of calling names, why don’t you tell me your first rule of politics/winning elections that doesn’t include votes/voters.

  7. Seems re vanellla much like Eric is forgetting his Meds today. Of course a bombastic rude, awful individual like re vanella would defend the absurd awful behavior of Eric online. They deserve each but the voters will reject it mark my words

    • RE Vanella

      You’re scared and weak. That’s why you’re anonymous.

      I’m not “defending” Morrison. I’m saying you’re feelings are irrelevant in politics.

      Plus I’m much smarter than you. That goes without saying.

      I dare any of you to step out from behind anonymity and come on the podcast.

      Line is open. highlandsbunker@gmail.com

      Stand up. Don’t be afraid! Show me how reasonable and sober you are. And how smart!

      (And don’t try to pretend I’m irrelevant. We all know that’s not true.)

      • Man, you really took Carper’s primary win hard, didnt you?

  8. RE Vanella

    Do anonymous blog people “win votes”. I bet they don’t.

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