Keith James to challenge Sean Matthews in the 10th RD

Now, when a candidate primaries an incumbent like Earl Jaques, I am there for it. When a candidate challenges an incumbent like Sean Matthews, I am probably not, because I don’t know what Sean Matthews has done or hasn’t done to deserve a primary challenge.

Regardless, on April 27, youth advocate and former Wilmington Mayoral candidate Keith James announced that he is running for State Representative for the 10th District. Now, I presume he is running as a Democrat and thus this is a primary challenge to Sean Matthews, but that may be a mistaken presumption. He may be running as a Republican. I don’t know, and his Facebook campaign page doesn’t make that clear.

Here are his four issue statements on that campaign page:

James was profiled by Delaware Today in September 2017: “Youth advocate Keith James’ 2016 plan to run for mayor of Wilmington was stopped by a law that says he’s too young, so the 22-year-old is moving to change the law and one for city council members. It’s not the first time he campaigned for change. In 2014, he founded Voices for the Voiceless, a group to speak for the downtrodden and against violence, crime and drug problems ravaging the city.

James knows that hellhole firsthand. He was 14 when he started dealing drugs, as a way to cope with shaky family finances in a household headed by a single mother. “I knew money was the issue, and I had a way to make my own cash before being old enough to legally work,” he writes in his self-published memoir, “Open Minded: From Dope to the White House, That’s Impossible! Isn’t It?” He was 15 when he became addicted to Xanax, 16 for heroin.  After working with a mentor—and witnessing a friend successfully battle cancer—James quit drugs cold turkey on Feb. 16, 2013. He’s been clean since.”

Fighting off that addiction is amazingly commendable. The profile also talked about another Mayoral run in Wilmington in 2020 (and a presidential run in 2032), but I guess Mr. James moved out to the 10th RD and so plans have changed. I don’t think Rep. Sean Matthews has done anything to merit this challenge, except be in Mr. James’ way. Keith James wants to run office and he wants to start at the state rep level. So, best of luck to him.

7 comments on “Keith James to challenge Sean Matthews in the 10th RD

  1. Delawarefirst

    This kids in it for the Facebook likes more then actually wanting to be a legislator.
    Whatevs…free country plus he’s not winning

    • Alicia

      How is he in it for Facebook likes. He’s very dedicated as you can see he got them to change the age for mayor! Started many outlets for teens. Now working on our water supply. He has so much accomplished in the past 6yrs. That’s not even mention on Facebook!!! KeithJames2020!!!!!!! We’re going all the way

    • Kourtney B

      Do you know him personally to make that opinion or are you judging him based off of his skin color or young age? He’s very passionate about all of the causes he speaks about! Moron

  2. Prop Joe

    I applaud his gumption in running for President in 2032… Provided the Earth has not melted at that point and the East & West Coasts been swallowed up… Or, assuming that by 2032, America even votes to elect officials at that point…

  3. Mitch Crane

    Mr. James registered to vote in 2014. He is registered as a Democrat. While he certainly has every right to run for office, I cannot see any reason for anyone to primary Sean Matthews, unless that person is running to Representative Matthews’ right–or is running for personal reasons of his own or of someone else. I can tell you that Mr. James was involved last year in the failed State Auditor campaign of former State Representative Dennis E Williams. Please note that Dennis E Williams is FORMER because he was defeated in a Democratic primary by Sean Matthews! I guess we know why he is running and/or who put him up to it.

  4. Who wants to prevent mental health in schools??

    • Keith James, the person the article is speaking about

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