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CJR – HB8 – Ex-Offender Employment Opportunity Tax Credit

House Bill 8, sponsored by Rep. Sean Matthews and Sen. Elizabeth Lockman and part of the Criminal Justice Reform package, would establish the Ex-Offender Employment Opportunity Tax Credit. This tax credit would go to employers for hiring qualified ex-offenders in an amount equal to 10% of that individual’s wages, with a maximum credit of $1,500.

Getting a job after prison is extremely difficult for the ex-offender, yet getting a job is one of the major elements of re-entering society and continuing the ex-offender’s rehabilitation. Without a job, the ex-offender may fall back to crime, not only as something to do, but as something to support him or herself.

The National Institute of Justice estimates that 60% of ex-offenders are jobless one year after their release. Improving access to employment opportunities for ex-offenders helps lower the State’s recidivism rates and will improve public safety and reduce taxpayer spending on prisons.

WHERE IS THE BILL? House Revenue & Finance 4/18/19

DEMOCRATIC SPONSORS – Matthews, Lockman, Chukwuocha, Dorsey Walker, Brown, Ennis, Hansen, McBride, Paradee, Poore, Sokola, Sturgeon, Baumbach, Bennett, Brady, Carson, Cooke, Heffernan, Kowalko, Longhurst, Lynn, Osienski

REPUBLICAN SPONSORS – Delcollo, Yearick, Wilson, Dukes, Ramone, Briggs King, Dukes



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