Former Senator Dr. Mike Katz is running for President

….of the United States. Yes, the former State Senator that lost to Greg Lavelle sometime back in 2012 or so. Dr. Katz, who was last in the news after a ski lift accident some years ago, now wants to be on the same debate stage as 20 other Democrats. What is it about Trump that gives even a failed one term former state Senator from a decade ago delusions of grandeur?

Here is his website.

Oh, and did you hear that the insane Democrat turned Republican turned Democrat Scott Walker, he of the illegal wooden campaign signs that he nails to trees up and down the state, also wants to run for President.

Three Delawareans running for President in 2020 bests 1988 when we had two Delawareans, Pete Du Pont and Joe Biden.

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5 comments on “Former Senator Dr. Mike Katz is running for President

  1. Fuck it. Im also running for President . Im 3 years younger than MAYOR PETE!<3! so that's my 538-path to the nomination.
    Ben for write-in.

  2. 😄

  3. Sam Greenfield

    If Mike Katz wants to influence America’s heart,make two decisionsOne,once your name is out there,for better or worse,drop out of the race.Yes,you’ll be made the butt of jokes,but then you launch a preplanned radio program.It can be a weekday, weeknight,or weekend,you must open with a BIG name interview.No retreads,no “who’s that?”Attract advertising and the show pays for itself.Remember Adrienne telling Rocky “You can’t win”?You can’t win,but you can influence a lot more people on the air,than on the campaign trail.
    You’re welcome.

  4. “What is it about Trump that gives even a failed one term former state Senator from a decade ago delusions of grandeur?”

    Probably because they think that he is so despised that anyone getting the nomination is a shoo in. Which means they don’t have a clue how strong Trump’s base is. No one is a shoo in. People need to get it through their heads that Trump is going to win unless…there is a candidate that is so strong, convincing, and who can attract critical segments (i.e. the black vote). I don’t know who that is, but I do know that is what it’s going to take to beat Trump.

    • pandora

      Agreed! I will vote for any D candidate. I have favorites, but I’m not wedding myself to one candidate. Instead, I’m going to help register new voters and help get out the vote. If we vote, we win.

      Any person disqualifying D candidates for this or that reason hasn’t been personally impacted by Trump and his policies. It’s all thought experiment to them.

      One take-away from the mid-terms – people were ready to come out and vote against Trump. That’s the reason so many different types of Dems won.

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