She the People Forum

On Wednesday, 8 of the Democratic candidates (the first 8 to say Yes to the invitation) met an audience of mostly activist women of color who came from all over the US at Texas Southern University, Houston, TX. It was live-streamed and I’ve included the link below.

This is worth watching — the moderators really kept the interaction moving and since each candidate took the stage by themselves, you got to watch them as they engaged with questions, the person asking the questions, the audience — and importantly — their answers.

And worth watching because this is the most real Presidential forum interaction I think I have ever seen. The entire forum was focused on getting candidates to talk about why women of color should vote for them. About half of the questions came from audience members and the others from Joy Reid and Aimee Allison (the creator of this event). Questions were targeted to discuss issues of concern to women of color and the audience was ready to hear serious talk, focused on their issues. I’m not sure if it was the venue, the questions or the questioners but you could see (most of the candidates) trying to answer without relying on what they may have scripted. And this audience was quick to react when candidates were not being real with them or just not answering the question. But I like this format without media narratives or savviness.

Elizabeth Warren stole the show, I think. Kamala Harris and Cory Booker did really well too. Julian Castro was surprisingly good and needs more traction. Amy Klobuchar was OK, as was Beto (lots of humility in his answers) and I am not sure either Tulsi Gabbard or Bernie Sanders did themselves much good here.

What do you think?

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  1. Amy Klobuchar calls for paper ballots in 2020. No such luck in Delaware with our new hackable Express Vote Machines…..
    I see that Express Vote manufacturer ES&S dumped about $200,000 lobbying money into the First State prior to the purchase. Geeze, I wonder who got that? Now trying to get Election Committee Chair Poore to at least respond to me with her view of the article above. Seems no one here gives a rats ass about the research and results of IT/security experts at major U.S. universities on continued hackability/tamperability of voting computers. Hear, See no evil, etc. etc.

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