Biden has finally announced

The announcement video is good. My annoyingly independent and moderate brother in Baltimore said it gave him chills (so take that for what it is worth, ancedotal proof that Biden does have appeal to vast swaths of the electorate). Half way through the video, I literally said out loud: “ok, that is what you are against, now what are you for?”

That is going to be the question that dogs his campaign. He cannot just run against Trump. We tried that in 2016. That elected Trump. He is going to have to develop his own platform of policies or else I have Warren and Harris and even god forbid Bernie to turn to.

But I do love his logo and wordmarks. Good job graphics team.

Here is the video:

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6 comments on “Biden has finally announced

  1. Love the emphasis on values; that’s part of the strength and appeal of Buttigieg as well, and I’m glad Democrats are starting to claim American values as their own; however, he does need to now move into what those values look like in terms of positives, rather than just opposition to Trump. Perhaps he’s counting on everyone knowing already and just assuming it’s going to be Obama II?

    • Delaware Dem

      Again, Hillary tried that and it didn’t work. You cannot assume anything about what the electorate knows about you or your plans.

    • That would be a very inaccurate assumption (that anyone would think he’s Obama 2). He’s not Obama in any way other than coming across as likable. The charisma is different, the energy is different and Obama doesnt hae arich, conservative and damaging legislative history.

      oops I mean. If Uncle Joe is the nominee, I’ll enthusiastically support him and get an IV of the Biden Kool Aide. Anyone who doesn’t fully support the nominee is a bootlicker magat.

  2. He is about to get a cold dose of reality as his record and past get examined like never before. It won’t end well, despite what current polls say.

  3. delacrat

    If old Joe did not realize until Charlottesville 2017 what “threat to the nation” Trump was, did he sleep through how Trump fanned the racist hysteria over the Central Park jogger in 1989 ?

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