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GoT – Season 8, Episode 2

Welp, this episode was all about making sure we cry when all the people in those touching scenes die – and I’m really worried about most of the people hanging out by the fire.

Sansa: I’m still Team Sansa – a leader Daenerys could only dream of being.

That chat between Sansa and Daenerys was pitch perfect. Both women pretending support, only to end with Sansa not backing down.

Jon: Jon, Jon, Jon. Why? Why then? I was nervous Daenerys was going to just slit his throat and be done with it.

Daenerys: Let’s face it. She. Can’t. Rule. She’s forced to admit Jamie after Sansa backs her into a corner. Jon doesn’t back her up, and then she blames Tyrion for Cersei – a mistake she made as well. Oh, and her most loyal subjects, Greyworm and Miissandei, plan on bailing on her after the battle is over.

Seriously, why is Daenerys still focusing on the Iron Throne when the dead (which she has seen and have killed one of her dragons!) are coming?

Tyrion: He states that Daenerys is different from other Targaryens. That’s not looking to be true. Sheesh, I’m not comfortable with Tyrion being wrong. (Last week, we watched as Sansa bested him.)

Arya: Is she going to take out the White Walker dragon with that weapon Gendry made for her? (Also, there hasn’t been another sex scene on GoT better than the one between Arya and Gendry. Those two had all the feels and a connection Jon and Dany could only dream of.)

Bran: Good thing we have Bran to tell us how to kill the Night King and why he will come for him (he’s the keeper of memories). This seems like information that should have been shared sooner. Also, he doesn’t expose Jamie, so he obviously wants Jamie in the battle. Right?

Theon: Not really comfortable with Theon defending Bran. Has he ever won a battle? Guess that’s the way he’s going to die… and redeem himself?

I’m leaving out a ton (probably really important stuff), so have at it.

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  1. Delaware Dem

    Brienne’s Knighting guarantees that either she or Jaime dies in the next episode. It is also clear that they love each other, and Jaime said in Season 5 that he wanted to die in the arms of a woman he loves. So goodbye Jaime and/or Brienne.

    I also think Jon Snow is a goner in the next episode. He has completed his task of telling Dany and informing anyone who will listen that he doesn’t want the crown (either being King of the North or of the 7 Kingdoms).

    Arya and/or Gendry are in trouble too, if you believe the Horror Movie Rule that if you have sex you die.

    My prediction remains: Bran is the Night King and the Night king will win.

    • Jon never wants a crown or leadership, but always ends up having it. So, I’m not which one of them (Jon or Daenerys) dies – only that one of them will.

    • How is Bran the Knight King? Is it the “Warged into the first WW at the point of creation and got stuck” theory or a different one?

      I agree Arya dies, but not because she got some. Also it was Gendry’s 4th time…. and he was telling the truth bc A Girl would have know if he lied. Arya committed to dying back in Braavos and the post-apocalyptic world that will be that planet wont have room for an assassin.

      Gendry may make it and if my prediction of 7 different kingdoms holds, he could be king, or lord, or Secretary general of the Stormlands.

      People who will probably die next episode.
      Theon, Tormund, Brienne, Pod, the rest of the NW, All Iron-Born present, Grey Worm, Berric (finally), Jorah, 90% of the White walkers and their undead host, Rhegal (dragon) 80+ percent of the humans in Winterfell.

      I think the NK is able to slip past, repelled but not beaten or successful and is ultimately held long enough for Jamie and Arya to get to him and kill him.

      Survivers. Dany, Jon, Drogon, Ghost, Sansa, Bran, Arya, Gen, HOT PIE, Royce, Sam and Fam.

      I predict Jamie, in one final terrible act of love toward Cersie, “stops” arya from killing her just in time. then kills her himself and and takes his own life when she’s like “meh, where Euron?”

  2. Interesting episode. The calm before the storm. Tomorrow (well next Sunday), the battle. it won’t be a war, just one giant battle for survival.

    Lest you think all is over at the end of the battle (if indeed there is an end), consider this. Cersei remains alive and well with a large army. There must be a reckoning and resolution. The question is how will the reckoning come about and who left to do the reckoning? Of all the characters to reckon, we have the Starks, Jamie, and Tyrion. Any of them have great cause to for bring justice to Cersei. However, Cersei has an army and armies have to battle. So, is the Winter War (my term) the last war of the series? Does Cersei come north to help fight the war?

    Despite being queens, I don’t think Dany and Cersei have enough history with each other to be in direct opposition, so I’m thinking it’s either Sansa, Arya, Jon, Tyrion, or Jamie, which means one or more them survive.The rest are all on the chopping block. My guess it will be Arya, because Cerscei is on her list. Also, remember Bronn is coming north to kill Jamie and Tyrion. I’m guessing that Jamie kills Bronn defending Tyrion. And I think Bran has to survive, since he is mankind’s institutional memory (along with Sam, who has his books).

    I’m not sure whether the ending will conclude with everything being resolved. Remember the Winds of Winter, which the show has surpassed is followed by A Dream of Spring. Consequently, at least in the books, some will survive. And while I immensely enjoyed show, it ain’t real unless it’s in the books! My guess at the end: Sam, Bran, and Arya. Whoever else, I don’t have a clue.

  3. Reposted.
    Well, Jon just cant help himself. Picked the worst possible time.
    At this rate i wouldnt be surprised if Dany yeets on out of Westeros and just rules her tropical autocratic utopia.

    Oh well. It was nice to see Ghost again. Pretty slow episode, but all that focus on so many second and third tier cast members makes me think next episode is gonna be one chilly bloodbath.

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