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I Need The Distraction, So Let’s Talk About ‘Game of Thrones’

Seriously, I need a break from all things Trump. All that I will say is that Trump wouldn’t last a minute in King’s Landing – And, as we see, walls don’t work.

Moving on.

Last night’s premiere reminded us of who everyone is and was. Let’s go through them. (These are just my opinions. Feel free to disagree and share your thoughts!)

Jon Snow: Several seasons ago, I realized that GoT is Jon Snow’s story. I’m not sure if he’ll end up on the Iron Throne, but it definitely belongs to him. He’s still one of the few that understands what’s heading their way. He’s way past titles and protocol.

His scene with Sam was one of the most powerful. The question is what he’ll do with the information. Obviously, Bran wants it out.

Sansa: It’s amazing how she went from one of my least favorite characters to one of my favorites. Has anyone in GoT been with worse people and survived?

Out of all the characters she’s learned and grown the most. Her scene with Tyrion showed that. She’s past him on gamesmanship. In Game of Thrones, Sansa has learned the game, and as Arya states, “She’s the smartest person I’ve ever met.”

Ayra: I have no idea where her story is heading. Please let me know what you think! I am lost.

She’s the one who reminds Jon to not forget they’re family. That line struck me as important. She (along with Sansa) doesn’t trust Daenerys. Unlike a lot of relationships in GoT (Jon -cough- Daenerys) their reunion/relationship was emotional and believable.

Note: If it comes down to choosing between Sansa/Arya and Daenerys, I’m going with Sansa and Arya. Mainly because while Daenerys was out wandering the desert and focusing solely on claiming the Iron Throne, Sansa and Arya were surviving and playing the game.

Daenerys: I can’t think of another GoT character who gets more credit than they deserve than Daenerys Targaryen. She’s proven to be a horrible ruler, and if it weren’t for the dragons she’d be long gone. Actually, I think her days are numbered (once she gives birth?), since controlling her dragons was her one strength. But now we have the Father of Dragons so her one claim to fame is gone.

And I doubt it’s a coincidence that they make Daernerys obsessed with stupid protocol, rather than the White Walkers. If I hear her say “bend the knee” one more time…

Does anyone think Jon and Daenerys have chemistry? Do you feel the luv? I don’t, and I’m trying to decide if that’s deliberate or simply bad directing.

Yeah, I’m a hater. But… come on! Has anyone in GoT made as many mistakes as Daenerys and lived?

Cersei: She has lost everyone. All she has left is the Iron Throne. On some strange level I grudgingly admire Cersei – mainly because she has been playing the game, with both hands tied behind her back, from the second we met her.

But let’s face it, hanging out in King’s Landing won’t end well for her. She’ll have to make a move. To the North to fight? To the Iron Islands? (That’s my guess) Like Arya, I’m not sure where her story is headed.

The Greyjoy’s: Obviously, Euron is our new villain. Do we have time for a new villain? Sure, if everyone ends up retreating to the Iron Islands. The more I think about this, the more I think all our characters (who survive the first attack) will be reunited there.

Jamie: Jamie is an interesting character. Let’s face it, he’s pretty awful. We tend to forget all the horrible things he’s done due to the few ‘nice’ things scattered throughout his story. IMO, he’s the weakest of character – allowing himself to be a pawn in his sister’s game. Basically, Jamie has never played the game.

The scene with him seeing Bran across the courtyard was great. It reminds us of who Jamie was.

Bran: Oh mercy. I have no idea. Bran has a lot of information that he doles out sparingly. Is he the game master? Is his role to fulfill some sort of prophecy?

He’s definitely wants Jon to know he’s the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. There’s a reason for that.

Tyrion, Varys and Davos:

Okay, I loved the scene with Tyrion and Sansa. The tables have flipped on that relationship. “And you believed her?” was the moment everyone realizes Tyrion’s mistake with Cersei.

I love these three characters, but they need to move past simply serving their queen. I have no doubt they’ll see the bigger picture and expand their influence soon enough. Fingers crossed!

The Night King: Your guess is as good as mine. Doesn’t he need human children to continue his line? So is killing everyone really the end game? We know so little about the Night King so… I have no idea.

Sam: Poor Sam. Daenerys killed his family (that was a really strong scene) and he has to tell Jon the truth. Another great scene. Jon trusts Sam, probably more than anyone else in his life so he shouldn’t dismiss the info. But who knows. You know nothing, Jon Snow!

Sam also draws the contrast between Jon and Daenerys. Jon relinquished his King of the North title for the safety of his people, and Sam asks if Daenerys will do the same.

Okay, I’ve left out a ton.

Like will Bronn follow Cersei’s orders to kill her brothers? Never sure with him, but if he realizes his gold will be useless then he might switch sides. I admit to loving his unpredictability.

Will Tormund, Beric, and Dolorous Edd reach Winterfell before the Night King? And given what he did to the little lord of House Umber, he’s obviously already ahead of them.

The Hound and Ayra’s reunion was perfect. He should be proud of all she’s learned from him.

I guess Gendry is going to stay a blacksmith.

Final thought: The opening scene of Daenerys and Jon entering Winterfell was the same as the opening scene in episode one. Make of that what you will.

17 comments on “I Need The Distraction, So Let’s Talk About ‘Game of Thrones’

  1. ok. I have thoughts.
    First, I wont get a chance to re-watch till later, but I THOUGHT I saw a “next time on” scene where Tormund was warning the crew at Winterfell about the coming army, suggesting he made it back. I thought there was some throw-away line about getting fast horses to make it back to Winterfell, right before Zombie-Umber woke up… could be wrong tho, clarification requested.

    The Night King got who knows how many children from Crastor and MAGAs like him. I dont know what race or life-type the WW are, but if they’re immortal, they might not need heirs. just enough lieutenants.

    At this point I predict Aegon-Jon buries the truth. The alliance against the WW is too important to start a whole other fight with his lover-aunt.
    It also raises an interesting point about succession. John/Aegon died. When he died, his Night’s Watch vows were voided. Does that death also erase a claim to the throne? Do his Night’s Watch vows erase the claim?

    I dont think for one instant that Bronn will kill Jamie or Tyrion for Cersie… and i think she knows it. im guessing there’s more to that crossbow than meets the eye.


    Dont you think Jamie deserves a little more credit? Ok, yes, his first act in the story was pretty bad…..
    BUT he made the Maguffen… i mean Deus Ex.. i mean Three Eyed Raven in a round-about way, so worked out in the end? He also, imo, made leaps and bounds of redemption by saving Brienne, freeing Tyrion, and keeping Walder in line. His actions after Mercella’s death are understandable. He is in a manipulative and abusive relationship with his sister. He isnt weak. He finally got away from his abuser.

    Lives: Bronn, Yara, Sansa, Gendry, Dany, Ed, a lot of peasants.

    Dies: everyone else. (even Tyrion, Jon and Arya)

    Final prediction…. No Red Keep, No Iron Throne. Westeros, as a nation, is gone. The final political landscape will be city-states and Dutchies with nowhere close to enough “Nobility” to function as a kingdom…. that is, if the NK doesnt win outright.

    • Don’t think Jon will die. I’m sticking with it being his story. But I could be so wrong. Either way, one of them (Jon or Daenerys) is toast.

  2. Jon does want the throne. He did not want to be Lord Commander. He didn’t want to be Lord of Winterfell. He didn’t want to be King in the North, and he sure as hell doesn’t want the Iron Throne.

    I think he survives, but I don’t know what he’ll do for a living.

    Anyway, while I am immersed and immensely enjoy the show, it’s not real. The real story is in the books. If Jon dies in show, it’s a fake death. If Martin kills him, he’ll stay dead. The books ended with Jon dead. I am pretty positive that Martin brought him back to life and I don’t think he will kill him again (although who knows, since he is a pretty blood thirsty author). Even the released material from Winds of Winter contain nothing about Snow.

    One comment on Bronn. I think he has evolved or rather he got sucked in. He loves gold and titles, but I don’t think he pulls the trigger on either brother. Doesn’t mean he won’t try to have his cake and eat it to, but ultimately something in him stays his hand.

    Regardless, the entire saga is certainly one of death and as everyone knows, any and all of them are on the chopping block. That was evident in the first season when Ned, the face of the whole show before it premiered, lost his head. Of course I only watch for all the breasts.

    • GoT and Trumps presidency can be summed up with the same Ramsay Bolton quote.
      “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.”

    • Jon never wants anything, but always ends up taking it. If he ends up, reluctantly 🙄, on the throne (whatever’s left of it) I wouldn’t be surprised.

  3. Point of Order

    There is one reunion we didn’t see last night; Varys and the Red Priestess. There is reason to doubt her ability to prophesy, but there is yet still a role for her to play over the next 5 episodes. If Jon isn’t the Prince(ss) the was promised, that really only leaves Daenerys. WHERE IS GHOST?

    If everyone ends up dead, what was the point? I can’t believe GRR Martin would spend all that time writing to say its all pointless in the end. Because, if that’s what happens I’ll be royally p—-d.

    • GRRM has always said he wanted it to be closer to life than what conventional fantasy was when he was growing up. That’s wht Ned was offed from the get go. It’s why Robb was doomed and why Quentyn Martell (for the bookies) existed at all. Sometimes it all just goes to shit forever. He also mentioned a couple of time that if all else failed, he could crash the red comet from book/season 2 into the planet and just end it all….. since that can also happen at any time and the Universe doesn’t give a flying crap about

      The show will probably put Dany and Nephew Hot-Bod on the throne together since it went to so much trouble to move the incest-overton window.

      The prophecy is interesting. Both disciples of the Red God and Faith of the 7 have an almost identical prophecy. another 3 seasons worth of explaining those religions would be awesome. We’ve seen, more or less, “Proof” of the Red God’s existence… or at least the magic that religion interprets as a god. The Old Gods seem to have proven their presence through the Trees, Bran, and any Wargin ability. the 7, however has shown no such proof. Not sure what it means thought.

      As far as Melisandre, she’s in Ashai by the Shaddow. She told Varys she had to go….. probably to yell at whoever sent her to Stannis… but would return and die. I am unconvinced she isnt some sort of Red God Apostate in the eyes of the main church. All the priests were proclaiming Dany as the savior even while she was still backing Stannis so either she was far out of the loop or is on her own mission.

      • Holy cow, Ben! You know your GoT!

        As a show viewer, Dany should be toast. The show has been pretty consistent. You screw up, you die – no matter if you have good or noble reasons. Sure, Jon cheated death (probably to show the Red Witch’s power), but Daenerys has been a complete ruling disaster. I can hear Ned and Rob saying, WTF?

    • Or… we could have the Night King on the throne. He could say, “You are all awful people, so now I’m king.” 😉

  4. Delaware Dem

    My prediction is that everyone dies and the Night King (who is Bran Stark) wins.

  5. Bran had a flashback showing the creation of the Night’s King. It’s not Bran (at least in the show, who knows what’s in the book). In the flashback it showed the Children of the Forest creating the first White Walker from a captive First Man. The key is that Bran saw this in his vision. He did not experience it. Therefore, not Bran.

    In the books, Night’s King is the legendary 13th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. He fell in love with a mysterious, white-skinned, blue-eyed, ice-cold woman, declared her his queen, and did generally bad things for 13 years in the North before the King in the North and the King Beyond the Wall joined forces to end his reign. In the book, some believed he may have been a Bolton, a Magnar of Skagos, an Umber, a Flint, a Norrey, or a Woodfoot.

    And Old Nan claimed to know a version of the tale where he was actually a Stark, brother to the King-in-the-North, named Bran. That may be where the rumor comes from. There have been several Bran Starks, including Bran the Builder.

    • Bran Stark, Son of Catlyn and Eddard is also not Bran Stark anymore. that kid died in a cave. The Watcher in the Wheel Chair is the 3-eyed Raven.

      The Bran-as-Knight King, as Ive heard it, deals with Bran’s warging ability. That he may enter the NK’s mind some time in the past, like he did with Hodor, and basically imbue him with a desire to go south, home to Winterfell. It’s not a theory I particularly buy in to.
      I think the Children of the Forrest, or at least SOME Children still control the White Walkers. The war way back when the Weirwoods were carved and the Wall was built was fought between COTF wanting to do away with the First Men (because they saw the future and saw how awful humans are) and COTF who took a more “let history play out” approach. I think that faction created the role of the 3 Eyed Raven. A watcher that just obverses history but doesnt interact…. or shouldnt.

      • We know some COTF still existed (serving the 3 Eyed Raven). Maybe there are more pockets of themstill around. I think the NK is no longer, if he ever was, controlled by them. Now he’s just a run a muck (as in be careful when you are creating WMDs)

  6. Well, Jon just cant help himself. Picked the worst possible time.
    At this rate i wouldnt be surprised if Dany yeets on out of Westeros and just rules her tropical autocratic utopia.

    Oh well. It was nice to see Ghost again. Pretty slow episode, but all that focus on so many second and third tier cast members makes me think next episode is gonna be one chilly bloodbath.

    • I’ll put up an episode 2 post. Can you re-post your comment there – and then we can chat!

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