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Polling and Campaign Report – 3/27/19

A new CNN poll finds 56% of Americans say President Trump and his campaign have not been exonerated of collusion with the Russians, but that what they’ve heard or read about the report shows collusion could not be proven.

Just 43% say Trump and his team have been exonerated of collusion.“Republicans and Democrats are on opposite sides of this question: 77% of Republicans say the President has been exonerated, 80% of Democrats say he has not. Independents break against exoneration — 58% say the President and his campaign were not exonerated.”

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll finds that 48% of Americans surveyed still say they believe that President Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia — down just six points over the last week — despite a summary of the special counsel’s investigation that claimed there was no evidence to support that finding.

A new CBS News poll finds 77% of Americans, including majorities of both Republicans and Democrats, think the full Mueller report should be released to the public.

“But the partisan splits that have long marked the investigation remain even after it is done: Republicans say the report has cleared the president. Democrats are unconvinced and want their party in Congress to continue looking into the Russia matter, though most Americans overall feel they should drop it.”

A new Quinnipiac poll finds Joe Biden is the top choice of Democrats with 29%, followed by Bernie Sanders at 19%, Beto O’Rourke at 12%, Kamala Harris at 8%, Pete Buttigieg at 4% and Elizabeth Warren at 4%.

A new Politico/Morning Consult poll finds that 50% of voters say the national popular vote should be used for presidential elections, while 34% who think presidential elections should be based on the Electoral Collegeand 16% have no opinion.

Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) is moving closer to a 2020 presidential run, CNN reports.

“McAuliffe has been telling Democratic allies that he is leaning toward jumping into the Democratic presidential race next month… The former governor has long said he would make a decision by the end of March, with a potential announcement later in April.”


You can be for protecting and improving Obamacare and fighting for Medicare for All at the same time, Bernie. And this is a stupid political decision. Those who rely on Obamacare for literally their very lives now know Bernie is not on their side, so they will not be on his side.

Asked about rumors that former vice president Joe Biden might consider selecting her as his 2020 running mate, Stacey Abrams told The View: “I think you don’t run for second place.” She added: “If I’m going to enter a primary, then I’m going to enter a primary.”

In an attempt to earn an NRA endorsement for her 2008 re-election bid, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) — then a member of the U.S. House — signed an amicus brief in support of overturning a Washington, D.C. ban on handguns, CNN reports.

During her tenure in the House, Gillibrand “fought vigorously in defense of gun rights, including the right to own handguns… Gillibrand has said she regrets her past positions and frames her views on guns at the time as supporting hunting rights.”

“I will say the presidency wasn’t top of mind to begin with, but I think the success I had in our election, transforming the electorate, the work I’ve done as a business leader, as a civic leader, as a political leader, positions me to be just as capable of becoming the president of the United States as anyone running.”

— Stacey Abrams, in an interview with CBS News.

A new Brookings study finds that all but one of the ten states most heavily exposed to workplace automation cast its electoral votes for President Trump in 2016.

“Specifically, Heartland states like Indiana and Kentucky, with heavy manufacturing histories and low educational attainment, contain not only the nation’s highest employment-weighted automation risks… but also registered some of the widest Trump victory margins. By contrast, all but one of the states with the least exposure to automation, and possessing the highest levels of educational attainment, voted for Hillary Clinton, perhaps reflecting greater comfort with tech trends that have most benefited these same states.”

“The strong association of 2016 Electoral College outcomes and state automation exposure — leaving aside questions of deeper causality — very much suggests that the spread of workplace automation and associated worker anxiety about the future may have played some role in the Trump backlash and Republican appeals.”

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