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HB38 – Early Voting – Passes House

The House has passed HB38, which would allow 10 days of early voting in Delaware, in the week prior to the election. It passed with 34 yes votes, with 6 Republicans voting against. Given the antipathy of Republicans towards making it easier to vote, I was surprised the bill received any Republican votes. Luckily it did, since for the bill to pass the House, it needed a two thirds majority to pass, or 28 votes. With only 26 Democrats in the House, we needed at least 2 Republicans. And on the day of the vote, we actually needed 3 GOP votes, since Sean Matthews was absent. We got 9. So credit goes to those Republicans who have rejected, on this vote anyway, the anti-democratic principles their party have adopted when it comes to voting rights.

Why does this bill require a two thirds majority? Because it would change Wilmington’s charter.

Now the bill goes to the Senate, where it will need 14 votes, so we will 2 Republican Senators in the Senate to vote yes in addition to all 12 Democrats. I suppose it is possible that we will garner the support of Anthony Delcollo and Cathy Cloutier, given their recent positive votes.

WHERE IS THE BILL NOW? Senate Elections, Govt. & Community Affairs 3/19/19

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