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HB73 – Eliminating Absentee Voting Restrictions

One of the things we learned last year when attempting to pass No Excuse Absentee Balloting is that the Delaware Constitution placed limitations on that voting practice. The Constitution says that to vote absentee, the voter must either be overseas or away from the state in the Armed Services, ill, disabled, on vacation, on business, or because their religion somehow forbids voting on that particular day.

House Bill 73 is the first leg of a constitutional amendment that would eliminate all those restrictions and replace it with language that simply says the General Assembly shall enact general laws providing the circumstances, rules, and procedures for absentee voting.

Notice below the lack of Republican sponsors. More evidence that Republicans, all of them, everywhere, hate democracy and voting.

The Bill has already been released favorably from the House Administration Committee and it is now on the House floor ready for a vote.

WHERE IS THE BILL? House Floor 3/20/19

DEMOCRATIC SPONSORS – Jaques, Hansen, Poore, Brown, Sokola, Townsend, Baumbach, Bentz, Brady, Chukwuocha, Dorsey Walker, Heffernan, Osienski, Viola




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