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The Biden Report – An Abrams Ticket from the get go?

So the big Biden news of the week, aside from his announcement gaffe at the state Democratic dinner in Dover on Saturday night, is that he and his advisors are seriously considering announcing a vice presidential pick, former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, when or shortly after Biden announces his candidacy.

Mike Allen: “Close advisers to former Vice President Joe Biden are debating the idea of packaging his presidential campaign announcement with a pledge to choose Stacey Abrams as his vice president.”

“The popular Georgia Democrat, who at age 45 is 31 years younger than Biden, would bring diversity and excitement to the ticket — showing voters, in the words of a close source, that Biden ‘isn’t just another old white guy.’”

“But the decision poses considerable risk, and some advisers are flatly opposed. Some have pointed out that in a Democratic debate, he could be asked why no one on the stage would be a worthy running mate.”

“Advisers also know that the move would be perceived as a gimmick.”

New York Times: “Also under discussion is a possible pledge to serve only one term and framing Mr. Biden’s 2020 campaign as a one-time rescue mission for a beleaguered country.”

Jonathan Chait argues why an “unconventional Biden–Abrams ticket makes tons of sense for both figures.”

“Joining the race early makes Abrams a much more attractive vice-presidential selection than she would be in June of next year. Like O’Rourke, her talents offset a résumé that’s well short of the traditional qualifications for president (Abrams’s highest elected office is state assembly). That’s a weakness that might prevent Abrams or O’Rourke from being nominated as a vice-president next summer — they would face questions about their qualifications and preparedness for office. Paradoxically, for a candidate with a borderline résumé, vice-president is more of a reach than president.”

“But it’s also a liability that can be addressed on the campaign trail, by demonstrating a command of policy to the media. Abrams, with her advanced degrees in both public policy and law, can answer any doubts.”

Politico: “In several conversations with European leaders in Munich, Biden heard a repeated refrain, according to a conference attendee familiar with the conversations: The world needs you. Citing Biden’s long foreign policy track record and longtime commitment to the trans-Atlantic alliance, some of the leaders — echoing views from across the continent — told Biden that his return to the White House would be a sure way to restore western alliances that President Trump has dramatically fractured.”

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4 comments on “The Biden Report – An Abrams Ticket from the get go?

  1. cassandram

    I really love Stacy Abrams. She is a rock star with a big career ahead of her. A Biden Abrams ticket would certainly make people sit up and notice. But this feels as though Biden thinks he needs a hedge or he needs a splashy differentiator. This makes me wonder how viable he really is.

    • Delaware Dem

      That is precisely the point Martin Longman makes in his column. Couple this with his worries of raising money organicly, rather than through large donors, it is yet more proof that his time has passed.

  2. So, whose policies would this team run on ? Biden’s or Abram’s? This is sleight of hand politics and I don’t like it. Are we to believe the likeable guy will guide us through the first four years with some kind of national healing process, then the real work begins in term 2 with Abrams? The national good cannot wait to the second term for solutions; the crisis is too real. We are well into Fascism at this point and this has to be rooted out fast and early or it will further metastasize.

  3. Abrams should run for the senate, as that to me is just as much of a concern. We need the trifecta, or McConnell will stymie everything.

    Joe shouldn’t run at all, I know that the current polling data says otherwise, but his popularity is temporary. It is because he hasn’t been attacked, or his record really bought forward in years. I like him, think for the most part he is a genuine politician, and a good man. but……

    He has so much baggage no one is talking about… His school busing statements, treatment of Anita Hill, the crime bill, the bankruptcy bill, the Iraq war, etc, etc… and god forbid a #metoo accusation comes out.. not that i think he has done anything, but he is very touchy feely, so a questionable accusation isn’t out of the question.

    Once those are brought forward, and attacked, he won’t win. I feel like by running he is going to tarnish his legacy as an elder statesman that helped move america forward as a very successful VP Obama.

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