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The Agenda – 3/14/19

Today the Senate will consider SB5(S), a bill making some changes to the Delaware Litter Control Law that addresses individuals dumping large quantities of trash on public and private property. I would expect this to pass easily, unless Republicans want to defend the freedom of individuals to litter and pollute. Oh wait…

The House today will vote on SB22, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact act, which would require Delaware to award its electoral votes to the national popular vote winner once the compact itself reaches a total of 270 electoral votes (it’s at 181 now).

The House will also consider John Kowalko’s HB46, which would create a Delaware Manufactured Home Owner Attorney Fund by collecting a $0.50 monthly assessment per lot from manufactured home owners who rent a lot in a community governed by the Manufactured Home Owners and Community Owners Act. The Attorney Fund will be administered by the Department of Justice to contract with an attorney or agency who will provide legal representation and advocacy for manufactured home owners enforcing existing rights in disputes with community owners.

John Kowalko has another bill, HB12, that will also be considered today. This bill would strengthen the role and responsibilities of the Provider Advisory Board in regard to the implementation and enforcement of The Delaware Child Care Act.

There is no word on when SB25 (raising the age to buy tobacco to 21) and SB12 (facilitating electric cars) will get a vote in the Senate. They were not on the agenda today after having been withdrawn from the agenda on Tuesday due to the illness of three Democratic Senators whose votes were deemed necessary for both pieces of legislation.

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