The Agenda – 3/13/19

Bryan Townsend’s SB25, the bill to raise the age to buy tobacco products and vaping products, was supposed to be voted on yesterday, but too many Democrats were out sick, and thus the bill may have gone down to defeat without their presence. There is no word whether these Dems will take some Nyquil and be in the chamber for an hour later today or not.

Likewise, the vote on SB12, the bill to raise facilitate more electric cars in Delaware, was also delayed. But Kim Williams’ HB11, the bill to change poll opening times in school elections to 7 am, passed 18-0, with 3 absent.

The three Senators absent were McDowell, McBride and Sturgeon. So that tells us that SB25 and SB12 do not have more than 1 Republican supporting them. Because it they had 2 Republicans, then the bills could pass 11-9, assuming all 9 non-sick Democrats vote yes.

In the House, it’s Committee Day so no floor votes are scheduled. In the Senate, the Executive Committee will meet, and it will consider HB34 from Pete Schwartzkopf, a Rehoboth Beach Charter Modification bill, that passed the House 41-0.

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