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HB59 – Transparency in Transportation Funds

State Representative Andria Bennett has introduced a bill that may irk some of her colleagues, but promises to open some scrutiny into how our government operates. House Bill 59 would require the Secretary of the Department of Transportation to publish the transaction history for funds allocated to each member of the General Assembly under the Community Transportation Fund.

This is good thing, to make sure that each Representative and Senator are using these funds to get pot holes in neighborhoods filled.

Where is the bill now? House Transportation/Land Use and Infrastructure Committee as of 2/28/19

Democratic Sponsors — Bennett, Paradee, Sokola, Baumbach, Brady, Matthews, Mitchell, Viola, Williams

Republican Sponsors — Delcollo, Cloutier, Wilson, Smith, Spiegelman, Yearick

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  1. SussexWatcher

    [Voiceover: They weren’t.]

    Bonini and Lynn are the two most egregious recent perverters of that slush fund:

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