ACTION Needed: Help Protect Abortion Access in Delaware

TOMORROW (March 6, 2019) the anti choice bills misleadingly named “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act”, and the “Woman’s Ultrasound Right to Know Act” will be heard in the Senate Sunset Committee. Planned Parenthood is leading the effort to make sure our legislators know that this is not how Delaware treats its women. They are joined by multiple Indivisible groups and Delaware United.

Can you go to Leg Hall tomorrow to speak to legislators on this? Signup to join in here.

If you can’t go, you can provide contact the Senators on the Sunset Committee via this link.

The Sunset Committee is chaired by Senator Elizabeth Lockman and consists of Vice-Chair,Senator John Walsh; Senator Stephanie L. Hansen; Senator Anthony Delcollo; and Senator Ernesto B Lopez.

If you can be in Dover by 2, please show your support. Otherwise, use the PP form or email these Senators to tell them to preserve women’s right to choose and to stop infantalizing women.

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