Daily Delawhere – 3/4/19

Photo by Marian Henderson.

Delaware politics from a liberal, progressive and Democratic perspective. Keep Delaware Blue.

10 comments on “Daily Delawhere – 3/4/19

    • Wrong thread, dumbass.
      Also, you’re welcome to buy her aunt a new minivan if you wish. She had a pretty hilarious takedown of this article. Quite honestly, i love watching the confederates try to come for her because the clap-backs are gold.
      Anyway, let’s pretend your dumb magat brain actually cares about fuel efficiency….. Pretty sure the green new deal outlines better fuel efficiency standards so all cars will get better MPG…. but you’re jut reposting right-wing rage porn because you’re a moron.

  1. The Other Anono

    Keep drinking the Left Wing Kool-aid Ben! The Left is a cult group, that wants control of everything, which effect the people of the USA. Read Saul Alinsky, a favorite of Obama’s and Hillary. Your just a total Lemming following the totally misinformed. Just give up everything you’ve worked for and left them control you. Be the puppet!

    • cassandram

      This is how we know you are the original Anono and not a new one. Like the previous one, you post open thread items on the wrong thread, you have nothing to say besides “trying to own the libs” (a thing you SUCK at, BTW) and then you get belligerent when called on it.

      You can have one persona at a time.

      You’re done.

    • Point of Order

      “The Left is a cult group, that wants control of everything, which effect the people of the USA”

      Commas should set off complete causes. Effect is usually a noun. “Your” is a second person pronoun. “You’re is a contraction of “you are” Let me help you out.

      “The Left is a cult group that wants to control everything which affects the people of the USA.”

      As to substance; cult implies a small group of people lead by a single cult figure who imposes their will on un-thinking people. That would be the MAGA crowd. Now, let me correct you.

      The Left and its progressive ideas are held by most Americans.

      • I suppose we’re leaving aside the redundancy question. Obviously, if the cult sought to control everything, that would affect everybody in the USA, so the second part of the sentence isn’t needed.

      • The funny thing about this is that people like Anono think proper grammar is just eggheads showing off, when it’s actually about clear articulation of thought. You can see why that goes right over his head.

  2. nathan arizona

    “You’re,” dammit, “you’re.” Not “your.” We won’t let you get away with that in Alinskyland.

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