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The Biden Foreplay

So, Joe Biden is running for President. There are many tea leaves to read this week that take us to that conclusion.

First, after I speculated last week that his family was likely against a run, given the repeated Biden consternation about what would have when (not if) Trump attacks his family, the New York Times is reporting that there “a consensus” in Biden’s family that he should run for president. But of course, in the same story, you had Biden putting on the brakes and saying that he did not want to embark on “a fool’s errand” and was still deliberating about whether to enter the race for the Democratic nomination. Biden is quoted as saying “the most important people in my life want me to run.”

Aww, Joe, thanks. You know I think you should run, if only to end these interminable stories about you wanting to run.

The second and third signs that Uncle Joe is running is a National Journal report that he is hiring operatives in New Hampshire and a Huffington Post report that he is doing the same in South Carolina.

The fourth and final sign that Joe is running is that he has also been “receiving regular briefings from executives at digital and social media companies in order to learn strategies for appealing to young voters if he were to run for president again,” CNBC reports. “Critics of a potential Biden run have suggested that Democratic voters — and the electorate in general — may prefer a fresh face to take on President Trump, who is 72, in 2020. Biden is 76 and has been a staple of the national political scene since the early 1970s. If he were to run, Biden would have to cultivate a digital operation to keep pace with rivals who have had a head start in developing a vast reach on social media.”

Indeed, but Joe is meme worthy and Millennials know him. The question is whether he can win their vote given his long history of votes in a different era where Democrats were scared to be Democrats.

So the question is, where is Joe going to announce his run? Well, it was just announced that he will be the Keynote Speaker at the Delaware Democrat’s annual dinner in Dover on March 16. I had thought that this would be a bad venue to announce a presidential run, because Joe Biden is a national figure now, not just a Delaware one. Because Joe is a Scranton man of the People, rather than a Delaware man of the Party. Also, a presidential announcement inside a casino ball room at night? I am not sure the symbolism is optimal. But if Joe wanted to have an announcement full of cheering fans, what better place than in front of Delaware Democrats.

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  1. I found a spelling error

  2. Maybe he should announce his bid on Wall street at the opening bell. It can be like an IPO thingy, and all of wall street and the floor traders can cheer to 4 or 8 more years of policies that will keep them rich

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