You have to take it, Joe

Jesus f*cking Christ, Joe, this is becoming tiresome. NBC News is reporting that “Joe Biden wants to be president.” No shit. We have known that since 1987.

“And each day, he’s closer to being ready to run for the office.” Really? Because this is like that 14,000th story since 2015 to tell us that Joe Biden is getting close to running for President or getting close to deciding to run for President.

“But even as he weighs a campaign to unseat President Donald Trump, Biden is carefully considering a key question — what happens when the president or his top allies try to make his family an issue? […] No line of attack would be more reprehensible to the former vice president than one directed at his family, and he and his team have been forced to consider that even as they also weigh the political dynamics. Biden is the senior statesman and a largely popular figure in a Democratic Party eager to unite quickly behind someone who can win back the White House. But he’s also a grandfather and a father trying to keep the family together.”

What the freaking f*ck? What do you mean what happens?

Joe, listen. Your family is going to be an issue for that piece of shit projector named Donald Trump, who has had thousands of affairs on three wives and who has paid for more abortions than were conducted in Delaware last year. Yet like any projector, he will attack your strength as a weakness. He will find reasons to attack Jill. He will attack Ashley. He will attack the memory of Beau. He will attack Hunter and his past mistakes. He will attack Hallie and Hunter’s relationship.

Why are you getting the vapors over Trump doing any of this? Yes, it sucks, but all you and your family have to do is wipe that dirt off your shoulder like Jay Z and Obama and ignore it. Malia Obama was attacked in the conservative media this past weekend for drinking wine underage and hating Trump, and the rest of the planet was like “hey, that makes her human.” I guarantee you Trump’s attacks on you or your family will endear you to those who matter.

This is like the millionth story of Joe Biden wanting to run for President but he is worried about keeping his family together. Mr. Vice President, if you are still worried about your family being attacked by Trump, then you cannot run for President. Because it means you do not have the courage or stomach for the race. Donald Trump is a cretin who attacks the helpless every hour of the day. And the helpless have to take it. The refugee has to take it. The minority has to take it. The immigrant has to take it. Women have to take it. If Joe and his family are unwilling to take it, then screw them and next.

If you are unwilling to take it Joe, don’t run.

And that goes for any Democrat.

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8 comments on “You have to take it, Joe

  1. Biden is overrated.

  2. On balance, VP Biden is a wonderful person and our country would be in sound hands, especially if a younger member of his opposite gender were his VP. And I’d love to support a favorite son in my new state. But frankly, his thinking is mostly about yesterday and I am all for working on tomorrow.

  3. Biden is worried about the field day Trump would have with Hunter.

    • Delaware Dem

      Then he shouldn’t run. Because Trump will have a field day. No way to prevent it. Joe and Hunter and Hallie and Jill and the grandchildren are just going to have to take it.

      • That’s only worth it if he wins, and there’s no guarantee of that. It might not be worth it even if he wins, because the scrutiny would only increase if he wins.

  4. As long as Biden can keep people guessing, the money will keep flowing. He can give that money to other candidates and he can create lucrative jobs for friends and family.

    • …And it’s not just Hunter who would be scrutinized. Beau was the only one out of that bunch who I would have trusted.

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