Sign the Petition to Add Opioid Use Disorder to the Medical Marijuana List TODAY!

Medical cannabis advocates have worked hard to add Opioid Use Disorder to the list of qualifying conditions with allows patients diagnosed with the disorder to seek a medical card for the use of cannabis. They have done this hard work because data has proven that medical cannabis can help patients during the process of withdrawing from Opioid use and also can be a replacement therapy for chronic pain management.

So please email your polite written public comment to Alanna Mozeik, who is the Executive Assistant in the Office of the Director of the Department of Delaware Health and Social Services, Division of Public Health. Her email address is The deadline is today.

If you want some support for your email comment on the necessity of adding this condition to the Medical Cannabis condition list, please visit this post from Delaware’s own Zoe Patchell:

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2 comments on “Sign the Petition to Add Opioid Use Disorder to the Medical Marijuana List TODAY!

    • R.N. Jester

      This is a speech, not a study.

      Conjecture aside, no credible data exists that supports a significant association between increased violent crime and marijuana legalization. Furthermore, studies suggest that — so far — violent crime decreases in states with legalized medical marijuana. Until new research credibly suggests otherwise, the claim that a demonstrable link between the two exists will remain classified as false.

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