Money-Driven Medicine Screening & Healthcare Panel Discussion

This coming Saturday, February 23, at the UUFN (
420 Willa Rd, Newark, Delaware 19711), from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm, Delaware United will be presenting a screening of the remarkable documentary film “Money-Driven Medicine.” Then, they will host a panel discussion during which you can ask your questions about healthcare in Delaware.

Panelists will cover topics including Medicaid and other Delaware healthcare programs, Medicaid Buy-In, the ACA, Medicare for All, and the current state of healthcare in Delaware and America.

Panel members include Eric Morrison, who worked in Delaware Medicaid and related programs for 13 years; Dustyn Thompson, who will advise about Medicaid Buy-In and the ACA; Andrew Wilson, Esq., a top healthcare attorney, head of medical policy for the Medical Society of Delaware, and a member of several healthcare think tanks; and Darius Gordon from the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD), who will address Medicare for All. We will also have a special taped statement from former U.S. Senate candidate Kerri Evelyn Harris.

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3 comments on “Money-Driven Medicine Screening & Healthcare Panel Discussion

  1. Until the early 70’s healthcare was essentially non profit, that all changed for the worse leading us to the current racket that now passes for healthcare in America. Perhaps we can head it off, but at some point the current system is going to fall of it’s own weight, none but the rich can really afford it.

  2. This session is a great idea, but why does the panel include a lobbyist for physicians (most practices are profit making operations) and those who were/are employed within the system, but seem to exclude activist critics of the system, especially those critical of the 2000 lb. gorilla in the room ……hospitals where the big bucks flow?

  3. All of the hospitals in Delaware are “non-profit.” Every single one of them.

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