Daily Delawhere – 1/27/19

The Cherbourg Round Barn, off of Little Creek Road in East Dover Hundred. The barn was built in 1918, and is the only round barn in Delaware. The Cherbourg property has long been a dairy farm, and a milkhouse and milking parlor are attached to the barn. The barn is supported only by rafters and plates. The roof was rebuilt in 1999 after it collapsed during a storm. Photo by xzmattzx.

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3 comments on “Daily Delawhere – 1/27/19

    • You’re so bad at this. So, 1, it’s moot because hours later, Dear Leader surrendered. And 2, I feel like that headline was written just so people who only read headlines look foolish, so, heh. Hows THAT, MR ANONO!!!!!??????

  1. cassandram

    A Note to Anono: I’ve been asking you to up your commenting game here and I will not ask again. Daily Delaware’s are NOT Open Threads — the What Now?!? posts are Open Threads. If you need to post your bullshit propaganda that only you believe, that is the place where we will still ignore this bullshit and occasionally suspend it if it is utterly without basis in reality. You cannot be here with memes and fake news that is spun up just because you can’t face reality.

    Next stop — the Ban Hammer.

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