Roger Stone Arrested

Via Bloomberg:

Roger Stone, a longtime Republican strategist and sometime confidant of President Donald Trump, was arrested in Fort Lauderdale on Friday after being indicted by a grand jury as part of the U.S. probe into possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia before the 2016 U.S. election.

Stone, 66, is facing seven counts: one count of obstruction of an official proceeding, five counts of false statements, and one count of witness tampering, according to the U.S. Justice Department.


33 comments on “Roger Stone Arrested

  1. And you said there was no fun in your life! It’s going to be a good day.

  2. Out of pure politics the Gestapo raided his house in full military gear with guns raised. This is real Nazi stuff. Roger doesn’t even know how to shoot a gun. What a sadistic asshole this guy Mueller is.

    • This is where Corey Lewandowski would say “Womp, womp!”

    • Oh man . i hope you’re next.

    • RE Vanella

      Funny how you’ve never mention how fucking gross it is until they drug Stone to the hoosegow.

      This is how the cops raid homes (FBI, local pigs, all of them). Paramilitary tactical operations to arrest unarmed people and shoot pets.

      But you’re silent until it’s this fucking scumbag.

      I’m sure that Nixon back tat will go over big in the klink.

      Crawl back into yourfucking hole. Regular people have been dealing with militarized cops for 20 years. It has zero to do with Mueller you dumbfuck.

      • “This is how the cops raid homes (FBI, local pigs, all of them)”. UNTIL, you or your family need their help!! “you dumbfuck.” Your comment, not mine!

        • RE Vanella

          Still breathing, huh? Oh well…

          • Jailbird!

            • I thought you disapproved of name-calling. You resort to it again and again, because you have nothing to say aside from slogans you couldn’t explain in your own words to save your life.

              Crawl back into your hole.

      • Do you normally just blurt out shit that you know nothing about? I am one of those “regular”people who have had to deal with cops in this way. And I have put up many comments condemning the militarization of the police. You just haven’t been on the Delaware political blog seen long enough to know.

        • Wow, rse . This really has you upset. Im sure you can find old episodes of his shows to act as your surrogate father.

        • RE Vanella

          Ok, fucknuts. Then why the specific comment if you already personally know this happens every time?

          • Because this was done for politics, and that should scare everybody irrespective of what party you belong to.

            • What he’s charged with (obstruction, false statements and witness tampering) is 100% non-political. Why you think it’s political is because you’re being political.

              • Do you think it’s normal to point assault weapons at a person for process crimes? In defense of the paramilitary tactics, the Stones do have three little Yorkshire Terriers with bows on their heads.

                • Funny how much you know about his personal life. You cultists are really sad. I’ll bet you condemn people who pay this much attention to the Kardashians, when you’re essentially following “politics” the same way — as if it’s a TV show about odd yet entertaining personalities.

                  You represent the dumbed-down masses people have been warning us about since the dawn of television, and you do it quite well.

                  • That’s good ad hominem, but I’m only like that where Wayne Rooney is involved. I constantly follow what he and his wife Coleen are doing. As for Roger Stone, I consider him a personal friend.

                    • That explains why you’re so feisty today.

                      Reading through the indictment is FIRE. This slime ball threatened puppers. I hope he gets the guillotine.

                    • A personal friend? Is that sarcasm?

                • It is fine to point guns at traitors. What are you so afraid of? If roger was a real American, he’d have defended himself. Stop crying .

                • cassandram

                  Do you think it’s normal to point assault weapons at a person for process crimes?

                  On behalf of American Black people — why yes, yes it is normal. What’s your point?

            • Im not scared because im not a traitor. Why are you scared?

    • cassandram

      AND ALSO the FBI raided his house in full military gear with guns raided FOR FREE. God Bless America, y’all.


  4. On a lighter note it looks like Trump is near to folding saying he will support a deal to reopen the government. When I saw 3 major airports disrupted I knew the end was near. Prepare for endless “Why Trump Really Won The Shut Down” articles from the usual suspects in the media.

    • Man, MAGATS are having a rough day.

    • cassandram

      I figured Roger Stone caught up in his own Law & Order episode provided the cover. Cave while everyone is yelling Lock Him Up.

      • Trump is already suffering the outrageous slings and arrows of far right righteous disdain along the lines of “forget about 2020!”, “he sold us out” and of course “Traitor!!!”. All in all one hell of a day to Dump On Trump. Do believe I’ve found an excuse to party on.

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