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Republicans say screw you to unpaid federal workers.

Six Delaware State Senators, all Republicans, refused to lend a hand to 500 Delaware residents who are furloughed federal employees. Twice. This evening. Colin Bonini, Gerald Hocker, Dave Lawson, Brian Pettyjohn, Bryant Richardson, and Dave Wilson. All think that unpaid federal workers should be made to suffer so long as Trump keeps the federal government shutdown.

Valerie Longhurst’s HB 3 would authorize the Office of Management and Budget to partner with financial institutions and non-profit providers to establish a temporary loan program for furloughed and unpaid Federal employees as a result of the Trump Temper Tantrum Shutdown. This bill passed the House unanimously.

The House and Senate did pass HB 2, which would allow for the temporary suspension of judicial and administrative proceedings and transactions in Delaware that may adversely affect the civil rights of Federal workers during a shutdown. The Act permits a Federal worker who is furloughed or required to work without pay during a shutdown to apply to a court or administrative agency for a temporary stay, postponement or suspension of any payment of rent, mortgage, tax, fine, penalty, insurance premium, or other civil obligation or liability. A court or administrative agency may grant such relief if it finds that the ability of the Federal worker to pay such obligation has been materially affected by the shutdown. The length of stay may be for the period of the shutdown and 90 days thereafter. 

This Act also prohibits landlords from evicting a federal worker from premises that are occupied or intended to be occupied primarily as a residence. This Act also prohibits the lapse, termination or forfeiture of the health, life, disability, or motor vehicle insurance policy of a Federal worker without a court order. This Act also places limits on the interest rate that can be imposed on a Federal worker during a shutdown. Finally, this Act empowers the Attorney General to enforce the provisions of the Act and permits a court to impose a civil penalty of not more than $10,000 for violations of the Act.

Four Republicans voted no in the House.  Rich Collins, Shannon Morris, Jesse Vanderwende, Bryan Shupe. They join the original craven six Senators above, who also voted no on HB2.

12 comments on “Republicans say screw you to unpaid federal workers.

  1. mrsaxde2015

    I have to nitpick your featured photo on this story. The faces in the pic don’t match the names. I don’t see Brian Pettyjohn anywhere, and at the bottom right is House member Rich Collins, Hocker’s partner in crime. I don’t see Bryant Richardson either.

    • Delaware Dem

      I included some of the House and Senate Republicans that voted no on this bill. It was not all inclusive. 10 Republicans voted no, but I have only included 6 in the picture.

  2. What a biase reporting back again to calling President Trump a temper tantrum did we forget President Pelosi

    • cassandram

      President Pelosi has a nice ring to it. Wonder if something happened this morning while I was working?

      • It’s a shame that these federal workers are suffering, for political gains…..ON BOTH SIDES!!

        • cassandram

          It is a real disaster that your President shut down this government, causing all of this suffering. The House and Speaker Pelosi have passed bills to reopen the government with no strings 11 times. Mitch McConnell won’t vote on them.

          • I didn’t vote for Trump. But, I live in the USA and he is the President. Despite, the failure of the Democrats to sit down and talk. Nancy is just failing to do her job and negotiate! Nancy and Chuck both have stated securing the border, even Obama did it and now it’s a different story, they need to suck it up and get to the job THEY are being paid for. I have called all of our elected officials in the State of Delaware, both D & R’s and said the same thing…..Have you????

            • cassandram

              There’s no obligation to negotiate when you are already voting for bills that have no strings attached. Your president keeps coming back to add more and this is not how a negotiation works. Won’t even accept a deal to re-open for a few weeks to work out a deal. He’s the one not accepting any deals here. So go somewhere and figure out how to get him and McConnell to be grown ups. Because the Dems keep trying to reopen the government. 11 times.

            • cassandram

              And let’s remember that the Number One reason we are even in this position is because your president sold this boondoggle by telling you guys that Mexico would pay for it. If he had delivered on this promise we’d be onto real business.

  3. AND on a some National news…..Chuck did the same to the Coast Guard!!!! Please try to keep up, BOTH side are worthless and need to forgo their own pay checks!

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