Daily Delawhere – 1/23/2019

Lombardy Hall, on Concord Pike in Fairfax. The house was built in 1750. The house was bought by Gunning Bedford, Jr., in 1786. Bedford was a signer of the United States Constitution in 1787, and was the cousin of Gunning Bedford, Sr., who was the 11th Governor of Delaware. Bedford enlarged the house in 1793, adding the ballroom to the right. A cemetery was created on the property in 1889, and the house served as a morgue. The house became a Freemason lodge in 1967. Photo by xzmattzx.

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5 comments on “Daily Delawhere – 1/23/2019

  1. This is solely on the shoulders of the Democrats in NY. They should be ashamed of themselves!!

    • Why don’t you take your forced-birth beliefs to a Catholic site, where you would be applauded instead of scorned?

      Why is this posted here, where it doesn’t belong? Why do you insist on forcing your religion on others?

  2. Joe Connor

    That building is Not in Fairfax, It predates the housing development by a couple hundred years and is about a mile south. its nearest modern location marker is Independence Mall

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