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HB25 – Neighborhoods contracting for one garbage collection service

In my neighborhood, there is no single garbage collection company that collects trash on a set day.  Instead, there are twenty companies that collect trash everyday.  And therefore, our roads are completely destroyed each year, and we have to beg and plead with Cathy Cloutier and Debbie Capano Hudson (now gladly replaced by Krista Griffith) to get them to complain to DelDOT, and then maybe in a few years, after my car has disappeared into the mile wide crater of a pothole on Shellpot Drive, DelDOT will resurface the roads.  

Wouldn’t it make sense for the neighborhood association to contract with a company after a competitive bid process to do the entire neighborhood so as to save our streets?  Why yes, yes it does.  This Act allows Civic Associations in unincorporated areas of New Castle County to create garbage collection districts for units in their subdivision or housing development and contract for garbage collection.

Pass this bill.

Where is the bill now? House Housing & Community Affairs 1/4/19

Democratic Sponsors: Matthews, Sokola, Baumbach, Brady, Q.Johnson, Osienski

Republican Sponsors: Ramone, Smith

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17 comments on “HB25 – Neighborhoods contracting for one garbage collection service

  1. Interesting as out here in the wilds of Smyrna trash collection is by a single company, but I suspect it’s a matter of the size of the company that dominates the trade.

  2. Joe Connor

    I use a guy with 2 trucks. I like my guy I know him and his workers. He would ultimately be driven out by this. This is a very Republican idea. You wanna deal with the Comcast of trash? I pass thank you,

    • Delaware Dem

      Fine. Then raise the gas tax by $2 a gallon so that every road in the state is repaved every two years.

    • my service uses 2 trucks as well…. which, since i am also in a neighborhood with 5 or 6 companies, thats a crazy amount of trucks driving around.
      I dont like the idea of the Carneycrats forcing us to go with just one company, but I would love to see a county (or even state) municipal trash service. I grew up in Wilmington when you could get coupons based on the weight of your recycle can (maybe they still do it, it’s been a minute). That was great!

      • Delaware Dem

        Guys, have you actually read the bill? The bill is not forcing you to do anything. It is allowing neighborhoods to do it if 80% of the members of the neighborhood agree.

        • I would still prefer a municipal service administered NOT by a private company. Too much potential for cronyism (carnyism)

  3. It’s not a horrible idea, but the problem will be much like the execution of snow plow contracts in subdivisions. Not everyone has an active civic association. Who will make that decision in the absence of an ca?
    I will add that while I was still president of my assoc. Evergreen reached out and offered a discount formula based on a percentage of homes using their services.

  4. My Father-in-law did quite a bit of research on this a few years ago. Beyond the damage that trash trucks do to roadways, they are also one of the worst offenders for air pollution in residential areas.

    My neighborhood also worked a deal with one company that got some discount based on the number of customers, but this would go further.

    And honestly, getting 80% of residents to agree to a single provider might be too high to make this more than a starter bill.

    Since Ramone is a sponsor, has anyone checked to see if he owns a controlling interest in any garbage collection companies?

  5. Looks like a bi-partisan idea, both Dems and Republicans working together. WOW, what a novel idea. NOW, get Pelosi and the Flip flopper, chuck, to work out a deal of BETTER BORDER SECURITY!!

  6. Rep. Heffernan, please sign on to this!

  7. The Republican concept of bipartisanship is for Democrats to roll over and blindly sign on to whatever stupid shit the GOP wants this week. Notice how he doesn’t both urging Trump and McConnell to come to the table with an offer.

    • Sorry, I wasn’t more specific. Both sides need to come together and work out a plan for the American People!!

    • Why, has no one asked Chuck about this???

      Propaganda Redacted

      • What are you afraid of? Chuck said this and now he is flip flopping! It’s not propaganda, the truth will set you free. Typical socialist’s!

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