Equal Rights Amendment Passes House 35-6

HB1, the Equal Rights Amendment banning discrimination based on sex passes in the House by a vote of 35-6, well over the 2/3rds majority required. It now heads to the Senate for a hearing and a vote. Since this is the second leg of the constitutional amendment process (i.e. the second session in a row that the Amendment has been considered after passing both Houses in previous session), if it passes the Senate, the Constitution is deemed Amended immediately, with no signature from Governor John Carney required.

The 6 sexist bigoted no votes are from the following: Collins, Postles, Yearick, Vanderwende, Dukes, Morris.

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2 comments on “Equal Rights Amendment Passes House 35-6

  1. Whoooo! Now pass it, Senate!!!

  2. Glad they put the bigots on blast.

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