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HB33 — Term Limits

Republican Representative Mike Ramone is trying to rebrand himself from corrupt self dealer who abuses his power into some kind of good government advocate with one Constitutional Amendment providing for term limits. Now, I oppose term limits generally because I feel it does deprive the voters a choice. And if an office holder stays in too long and becomes too corrupt or unresponsive to constituents, those same constituents tend to exercise their rights and vote the bastards out.

Indeed, I have always felt that term limit proposals were insulting to voters, as if they could not be trusted to vote out those who truly need to be retired for whatever reason.

But if the immediate concern is that we have too many Senators and Representatives in office right now that have been in office too long, some for decades, then boy did Ramone pick the wrong time to make that argument. Last year saw record retirements, with some long time incumbent defeats piled on top of that. This coming election cycle also promises to include several retirements, including that of the most prominent offender of staying too long (four decades plus), Harris McDowell.

Further, if the concern of this bill is to immediately limit the terms of those who have stayed in office too long, then this bill does not help that. For it grandfathers in and does not apply to those already in office. The bill would only start to apply those those Representatives and Senators elected to office in 2022. And if you are elected in 2022 as a Representative and have served for 40 years prior, that 40 years is not counted against you, so that, if you were able, you could continue to serve another 20 years.

So this bill is ineffective, perhaps intentionally so. And it is highly likely that this bill will never see the floor, and it is just as well for the Republican sponsors of the bill, because they just want the issue, not realizing that the voters are already limiting the terms of the representatives they no longer like. Starting in 2020 with Mike Ramone.

Where is the bill now? House Administration 1/4/19

Democratic Sponsors: None

Republican Sponsors: Ramone, Delcollo, Wilson, Smith, Briggs King, Dukes, Gray, Morris, Spiegelman

Yes Votes:

No Votes:

20 comments on “HB33 — Term Limits

  1. Bill Cortes

    AMEN…………..Well said.

  2. Seriously the easiest way to encourage term limits is to make it easier for people to vote. Brian Townsend has a package coming up shortly that will do just that. Make it easier for more people to vote and open up the potential to sweep out incumbents.

    • Yup, let more illegals vote…..the Democrat’s way! Open up the elections, so you could vote across party lines. Everyone should present an ID to vote. And true term limits, not grandfathered!!

      • Term limits are always supported by the losers who can’t think of any other way to win.

        Please enlighten us about how “illegals” manage to register to vote. We’re all ears.

        • Motor Voter, Al. Try doing a little research yourself!
          And why doesn’t Nancy and Chuck answer questions, that in multiple Obama years, they supported stronger border security?
          Sorry, we have homeless veterans, who fought for your freedom and safety. Others who are homeless and we are sending money else where. Let’s take care of the citizens in the USA first, then help others.

          • Border security does not equal a wall. And if you want to spend on veterans, why waste money on a wall that people will go under or around?

          • Semantical question/point here, but what was the last global conflict, in which American service personnel participated, where the safety and security of the United States was at stake?

            • cassandram

              We should stop talking about the wall as a safety or security measure. If this Administration cared about security it would not be shutting down or not paying its Homeland Security personnel. The people charged with a specific set of safety and security tasks.

        • Motor voter? Did either of you read the link xyz plopped down?

          There’s this:

          The California Motor Voter program applies to Californians who are 18 or older and meet the following criteria:

          A United States citizen and a resident of California.
          Not currently in state or federal prison or on parole for the conviction of a felony
          Not currently found mentally incompetent to vote by a court

          And this:

          Individuals with AB 60 driver’s licenses are not eligible to participate in the California Motor Voter program and are not eligible to vote.

          Serious question. Do either of you guys ever read what you link to?

          • You don’t think it’s fairly easy for an illegal immigrant to obtain the documents necessary for a non AB60 license in California? Hmmmm…

            • But that’s not what your linked article below states, is it? In fact, your article cites one person (Canadian) and says there may be more due to a processing error they’re correcting.

              No where does it state that people are deliberately trying to register illegally. How you make that leap escapes me.

              • A lot of things escape you, that much is clear. That’s OK, you are still pretty entertaining in the predictability of your childish responses. She even uses italics to show how serious she is!

            • You think it is? Hmmmm….

              If it were, wouldn’t your inept party have found more evidence of it by now? But pay no attention to the absentee-ballot fraud in North Carolina, a dodge Republicans have been running for decades.

    • cassandram

      “That includes legal residents who are not citizens, although the DMV says none of the people mistakenly registered are people living in the country illegally.”

      GTFOH with this mess.

    • It says one person but perhaps as many as 1,500. That’s a good bit short of 3 million. You people are so gullible it’s sad.

      • I heard anywhere between 1 and 54 billion illegal, gay, abortionist ISIS democrats cross the boarder every day.

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