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HB27 – Republican Bill Protecting People from Republican Policies

HB27 is similar to a bill Representative Briggs King sponsored last year. The bill would allow the practice of itemized property tax deductions to continue in Delaware notwithstanding any contradictory provisions in the federal Trump Tax Increase Law. Like last year, Democrats should oppose this bill. Let the people feel the affect of Republican policies that literally take from the poor and the middle class and give to the obscenely rich.  Delaware Republicans are trying to escape blame for their President’s policies.  Don’t let them.

Where is the bill now? House Revenue & Finance 1/4/19

Democratic Sponsors: None

Republican Sponsors: Briggs King, Pettyjohn, Wilson, Gray, Short

Yes Votes:

No Votes:

1 comment on “HB27 – Republican Bill Protecting People from Republican Policies

  1. Briggs King is going for the Sarah Huckabee/Sister-Wife vibe with the dress, but the halloween verson. “Sexy Sister-Wife”

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