Committee Musical Chairs

The House Committee assignments are out, and the Senate assignments are expected on Tuesday (waiting until the last minute, I see).

My thoughts: I love love love the combo of Sean Lynn and Krista Griffith as chairs and vice chairs of the Judiciary Committee. Love Minor-Brown as chair of the Corrections committee. I am taking a wait and see approach to Quinn Johnson being the chair of the JFC, well co-chair along with his Senate counterpart. He is an improvement over his predecessor.

I like the new blood on the Education committee (Minor-Brown, Nnamdi, and Kendra Johnson), but Jaques is still the Chair and thus everything is horrible.

Committee sizes appears to be an issue. In the Senate, they have limited the sizes of each respective committee to 5. There is not a corresponding rule in the House, and thus, some desirable committees to have on your resume attract a large number of members of each party. The largest committees are Agriculture, Education, and Veteran’s Affairs, with 27 of all 41 members on the committee.

Kevin Ohlandt is reporting a rumor that a freshman Democratic Senator will get a coveted sport on the Joint Finance Committee. He doesn’t name the Senator, but my guess is Tizzy Lockman. We will see on Tuesday.

JOINT FINANCEQ.Johnson, Carson, Bolden, Jaques, Briggs King, Hensley

APPROPRIATIONS Q.Johnson, Carson, Bolden, Jaques, Briggs King, Hensley

BOND Heffernan, Osienski, WIlliams, Brady, Gray, Ramone

RULESLonghurst, Schwartzkopf, Mitchell, Short, Dukes

ADMINISTRATION Longhurst, Schwartzkopf, Mitchell, Short, Dukes

ETHICSLonghurst, Schwartzkopf, Mitchell, Short, Dukes

ENERGY Q.Johnson, Bentz, Seigfried, Kowalko, Heffernan, Griffith, Collins, Postles, Shupe, Smyk

NATURAL RESOURCESHeffernan, Griffith, Carson, Kowalko, Bush, Bentz, Collins, Gray, Postles, Shupe

AGRICULTURECarson, Bush, Dorsey Walker, Bennett, Q.Johnson, Lynn, Bentz, Gray, Collins, Yearick, Postles, Morris, Vanderwende

PUBLIC SAFETY / HOMELAND SECURITYCarson, Cooke, Brady, Osienski, Bush, Briggs King, Morris, Smyk, Vanderwende

CORRECTIONS Minor-Brown, Carson, Chukwuocha, Brady, Cooke, Morris, Smyk, Vanderwende

JUDICIARY Lynn, Griffith, Cooke, Bush, Brady, Dorsey Walker, Mitchell, Gray, Smyk, Spiegelman, Vanderwende

EDUCATION Jaques, Williams, Bolden, Matthews, Heffernan, Kowalko, Lynn, Minor-Brown, Osienski, Chukwuocha, K.Johnson, Briggs King, Hensley, Postles, Ramone, Shupe, Smith

HEALTH & HUMAN DEVELOPMENTBentz, Seigfried, Chukwuocha, K.Johnson, Baumbach, Heffernan, Minor-Brown, Briggs King, Hensley, Postles, Shupe, Smith

LABOR Williams, Matthews, Bennett, Bentz, Brady, Cooke, Bolden, Yearick, Smith, Smyk

ECON/BANKING/INSURANCE/COMMERCEBush, Bennett, Griffith, Dorsey Walker, Q.Johnson, Baumbach, Seigfried, Hensley, Ramone, Smith, Spiegelman

HOUSING & COMMUNITY AFFAIRSK.Johnson, Bolden, Williams, Cooke, Minor-Brown, Seigfried, Ramone, Shupe, Spiegelman, Hensley

REVENUE & FINANCEViola, Brady, Baumbach, Dorsey Walker, Bennett, Q.Johnson, Williams, Gray, Ramone, Spiegelman, Yearick

SUNSET Bentz, Bennett, Dorsey Walker, Spiegelman, Yearick

TRANSPORTATION, LAND USE & INFRASTRUCTUREOsienski, Chukwuocha, Matthews, Baumbach, Carson, Bush, Morris, Shupe, Vanderwende

MANUFACTURED HOUSINGKowalko, Carson, Williams, Longhurst, Briggs King, Yearick

VETERANS AFFAIRSJaques, Chukwuocha, Brady, Bolden, Carson, Q.Johnson, Dorsey-Walker, K.Johnson, Minor-Brown, Cooke, Griffith, Seigfried, Bush, Heffernan, Briggs King, Collins, Dukes, Gray, Hensley, Morris, Postles, Ramone, Short, Smith, Smyk, Spiegelman, Vanderwende

TELECOMMUNICATION, INTERNET & TECHNOLOGYGriffith, Matthews, K.Johnson, Baumbach, Viola, Shupe, Morris, Vanderwende

GAMING Viola, Bennett, Longhurst, Minor-Brown, Mitchell, Dukes, Morris, Short

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