I can’t tell if this is parody or racist

The reason why I can’t tell is because of the nature of the Middletown Hummers Parade. In my experience, the floats are supposed to be satirical. So are these people making fun of Trump and his racist supporters who believe this, or are those people the racist supporters of Trump? I don’t know. What do you think?

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25 comments on “I can’t tell if this is parody or racist

  1. Mary-Lee Lutz

    It’s not parody.

  2. I used to live in Middletown but never made it to the hummers…. from what I understand it IS supposed to be satirical of what is going on

  3. If they were going for parody or satire, they failed. There’s nothing clever or funny about that float.

  4. Delaware Dem

    When Trey Paradee is to the left of me, just how far have I gone astray?

  5. Racist AF.

  6. There is nothing funny or satirical about locking young children of color in cages…

    This parade is yet another “proud” tradition of the “Good Ol’ Boy” Middletown. It’s not reflective of the changing demographic of the greater MOT area, that’s for sure, rather, it’s a simple-minded sop to the lifers who endlessly bitch and moan about how “those people” from Philadelphia and Wilmington have ruined the area.

  7. Brian Ess

    Racist as all hell. Am I righ to assume there’s a procedure for getting your float into the parade? Registration? Approvals? If so, I’d like to know who green lit this one.

  8. The news journal needs to answer for it’s racist AF lighthearted take on this

  9. Wow! Who’s running this state?

  10. nathan arizona

    I don’t know. The image sure didn’t make me think Trump’s immigration policy is a good one. Maybe it would for a Trump supporter; or maybe a Trump supporter would be pissed as hell to see Trump’s policy characterized this way. It kind of puts the Trump approach in perspective — a very unflattering one. Does it dehumanize victims or does it call attention to the real dehumanization going on at the border? Besides what would you do, ban it?

    • “what would you do, ban it?”… An excellent place to start

  11. Richard Plotzker

    Wasn’t there. Was at Mummers in Philadelphia. There were all sorts of gimmicks of questionable taste, none intentionally vindictive, unlike what comes across in our daily news. Creativity needs some latitude and forgiveness of ;pushing the limits for it to thrive.

  12. mike outten

    it’s worse than the float. It’s real life and “our” government is doing it. Stop the hate and free the asylum seekers free.

  13. Sounds like no one whether or not it was parody. No one talked to the participants? A follow up couple of questions might make this clearer. In the meantime, if it is parody, the first amendment should take precedence. Personally I find the incarceration of people asking to enter our country legally, especially the children, to be a betrayal of our ideals. The separations were and continue to be morally intolerable.

  14. Marc Guthrie

    The parade organizer has stated publically that if you have a problem with anything they do, stay home. Calls have been flooding into the town office and are apparently shocked that anyone would have a problem with it.

    This is racism in Twitler’s ‘Murica. Out in the open in defiance of all that our country stands for.

  15. Joe Connor

    I have been thinking about this atrocious behavior for a couple days. I reminded of the literal definition of free speech in the First Amendment. Those individuals have the right to be hate filled bigots and to tell us that they are.. Now lots of other people have a right as well to call out this speech and make sure their neighbors, employers and family services know what they did and who they are. Let the internet, Twitter etc balance the scales.

    • Perfect point, Joe… The town will do nothing because the town is run by the same old, white dinosaurs that were running it before Brown v. Board…

      • I’ve looked at pictures of this parade. Do any people of color attend?

  16. nathan arizona

    Maybe “parade-goers of color” just have better taste. But I’m sure they appreciate your concern.

  17. William Hudson

    In actuality, the entire Hummer’s parade, since its inception has be an intentional poor taste parody of the traditional New Years Day Mummers Parade. I agree the image is not funny. Satire is often not funny. Yes is stereotypes minority races, as well as the Trump administration. It has created a lot of controversy, and people are commenting on line and to each other. I believe it has called attention to the inhumane way in which the Trump administration has been treating migrants who have been trying to come to the U.S. in order to save their own lives and that of their children.
    Spare your anger at the creators of the float, and direct it where it should go; at the Trump Administration.

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