The 18 to leave in 2018

These are 18 people that we hope will stay in 2018. Now, obviously, that will be an unfulfilled wish for some on this list, such as Tom Carper and Mike Ramone, who will both still be with us in 2019. And some on this list are long antagonists who were defeated in their reelection attempts this year. So for them, and some others, this post serves as a Bye Felicia to all of them. They are not ranked in any order of significance.  

  1. ROB ARLETT — He lost big to Carper. They only thing that could make us vote for Carper is when he is up against a vain tax cheating Trumper.
  2. KEN SIMPLER — Elected in 2014 in a Republican year, the state GOP’s prospective gubernatorial candidate in 2020 proved to be no more viable than a generic Republican in a Democratic year. And the further we get from election day He may still run for Governor in 2020
  3. MIKE RAMONE — The man is a pure scumbag at this point. He is so outraged at the temerity of one of his constituents challenging him that he indirectly and allegedly causes her to be fired from her job, and sounds like a mob boss in doing it. Then it is revealed that he is self dealing in his votes. He is now the prime target of Democrats in 2020.
  4. GREG LAVELLE — Mr. Self Righteous, the public face of the state GOP, the go to quote machine for the News Journal, was defeated. Like Ken Simpler, he could still run for Governor from his unemployed position.
  5. DEBORAH HUDSON — It’s nice to include her in this list. She has been my Representative for far too long, and I do not enjoy having my interests represented by a Republican. Now in 2020, if we can take out Cathy Cloutier in the 5th RD, my state Senator will be a Democrat too.
  6. THE RACISTS IN THE 12TH AND 21ST RDS — Those who put up the racist signs against Gigi Gonzalez can go f*ck themselves. Hopefully, they are old, so that Father Time will take care of them soon enough.
  7. BOB WEINER — Another personal representative, this time on the County Council. Mr. I am against development but here let me tell you about all the development projects in the works. Yes, that is what how he was when I shared a Delaware Express shuttle back from the airport with him and his wife some years ago. As we drove the neighborhood streets from Claymont through Brandywine Hundred top our respective houses, he couldn’t stop talking about the planned or proposed development projects in the area. Which is why it was laughable when he argued that he was against development.
  8. CHARLES POTTER — Here is what I said last year: “Potter took a personal dispute he had with a contractor over work done on his home public and used his office to do it.   He is not a public servant, but believes his office and the public should serve him.  Time to remove him from office.” We did. Bye Felicia.
  9. TOM CARPER — Hopefully that was his last election, but I said that in 2012. He is out of touch with the current political alignment.
  10. THE PEOPLE WHO ATTACKED MIKE MATTHEWS –– I am not defending what Matthews said. He apologized. He was a political target and those who brought him down were not defenders of political correctness and the MeToo movement. They opposed his pro-teacher policies. So we must oppose them.
  11. MIKE MULROONEY — Bye Felicia to his pro-NRA voting record.
  12. BRYON SHORT — It is always good with the Chamber of Commerce loses a Democratic seat.
  13. KATHLEEN DAVIES — She got a raw deal. She was the victim of a Wagner-McGuiness-News Journal hit job and was eventually proven right in her Merit Employees Review Board appeal. And yet, she only lost to McGuiness by 6 points in a three person race where the winner only got 41%. That might encourage Davies to run again. Especially if she is ousted once again from her position in the Auditor’s office in a McGuiness restructuring. I would encourage her not to. Even if it is unfair and untrue, once you are tainted in politics, the stain never comes off. Ask Hillary Clinton.
  14. KATHY MCGUINESS — We are stuck with a new Karen Weldin Stewart incompetent ROW officer, but this time, she has ambitious plans to run for Governor for reasons passing all logical understanding. Imagine the scenario where she primaries Carney in 2020. It might be the only scenario where progressives back Carney in a primary.
  15. DENNIS WILLIAMS — Take the hint.
  16. COLLEEN DAVIS’ POOR DRIVING SKILLS — Colleen, you might want to look into telecommuting.
  17. BRUCE ENNIS — He voted against the Gay Conversion Ban and the Military Assault Weapon Ban, and for the Youth Wage. Time for retirement.
  18. BILL “LUMPY” CARSON — He voted against the Gay Conversion Ban, Same Day Voter Registration, the Bump Stock Ban, the Legalization of Marijuana, and for the Youth Wage. Time for Retirement.

3 comments on “The 18 to leave in 2018

  1. Rufus Y. Kneedog

    18a – Scott Walker – why do I think we’ll never be rid of him though
    18b – Tom Wagner – should have been one of the 10 people to leave in 2010
    18c – Susan Monday – at least her radio show – she got some of the worst callers and she’d let them prattle on.

    In fact you probably could have made this the 2018 people to leave in 2018.

  2. Any obvious candidates to replace Bruce Ennis? Have heard fears the Dems will lose the seat to the Republicans when he’s gone. Beg to disagree, a great many new people in this area, and their not conservatives for the most part. The right candidate could cement this areas senate seat for the Dems.

  3. I’m impressed you kept it to 18. Whittled down, no doubt, from the original list 0f 2,018.

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