The Top Ten Posts of 2018

In that very quiet period between Christmas and New Years, it is time for some reflection on the year that is coming to an end, and look ahead to the year that is coming. We’ve got three posts scheduled in the coming days that fit that mold. We are going to to be talking about the 18 people from the past year that we want to leave in 2018. Conversely, we will highlight 19 people that we look forward to being stars in Delaware progressive/liberal politics in 2019. Here, you can see how good or bad I did with these posts last year. It was easy to see who this year’s stars were going to be (Krista Griffith, Tizzy Lockman, Laura Sturgeon), but unfortunately we are still stuck with some people in 2019 that I wanted to leave in 2017 (Kathy McGuiness, Pete Schwartzkopf, Tom Carper).

Finally, the third kind of reflective post is this one, where we review the top 10 viewed posts here at Blue Delaware this year.

  1. Former Senate Candidate Meredith Chapman Killed
  2. Mike Ramone doesn’t like having an opponent
  3. An Investment, A Vote, and a Windfall: What did Mike Ramone know and when did he know it?
  4. GOP Chair Resigns, Blasts Arlett and Warns of Scandal
  5. Republican Christine Metzing: A Dangerous, Frightening, Chameleon Candidate.
  6. Dennis Williams throws down the gauntlet against Kathy McGuiness
  7. Delaware Republicans believe women are unequal.
  8. Finally, a Democratic Primary Challenger for Tom Carper.
  9. Morning After Thoughts on Kerri-Carper.
  10. Cowards in the House Democratic Caucus Strike Again.

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4 comments on “The Top Ten Posts of 2018

  1. Who can defeat Mike Ramone?

    • Delaware Dem

      Stephanie Barry should try again, because she got a late start in 2018 and came really close. But if she doesn’t run, any candidate like her, someone involved in his or her community and the RD, can win. Ramone is not some juggernaut. He is a scandal plagued candidate in a district that is trending away from him demographically and politically. His two wins were close when he has a opponent. He is extremely vulnerable.

  2. Good. I certainly look forward to it. My personal interactions with him have been quite unpleasant and I don’t think his constituents’ interests are his priority, to put it mildly.

  3. Here’s a great post you missed: Carney doing a great job in reducing Healthcare costs for Delaware. Now, stop the sanctuary state and we get a better budget for 2019 and more money for educating US citizens in Delaware!

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