Collusion Proven

Wow.  Mueller is now showing all the receipts.

“Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort held secret talks with Julian Assange inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and visited around the time he joined Trump’s campaign,” The Guardian reports.  Months later WikiLeaks released a stash of Democratic emails stolen by Russian intelligence officers.

“Sources have said Manafort went to see Assange in 2013, 2015 and in spring 2016 – during the period when he was made a key figure in Trump’s push for the White House.”

“It is unclear why Manafort wanted to see Assange and what was discussed. But the last meeting is likely to come under scrutiny and could interest Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor who is investigating alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.”  Oh, Mueller already knows about this, I am sure.



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7 comments on “Collusion Proven

  1. Snzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Do you think any of the 14K recently jobless GM employees care about this ?

    • you know how I KNOW you’re a conservative troll?

      Your favorite mean-lady, HRC, endorsed trump’s immigration policies and suggested Europe cave to right wing demands on immigration as a way of “stopping the right wing”… and you said nothing. I waited. I thought “man, delacrat has a real, actual think to criticize clinton on here. He’s probably all giddy waiting to use it forever. I’ll actually chim ein and agree.” But no. You either agree or, more likely, arent informed enough to catch it or even understand what it means.

      You come around to parrot trmp’s talking points on the investigation that keeps racking up wins and evidence, while pretending to be some sort of pseudo liberal…. who thinks all social and equal rights issues are “distractions”.
      Look bruv, I’m a shitposter, I’m a wanker. We can smell our own. Neither one of us contributes anything of particular value other than site traffic and, hopefully, chuckles for people. but you…. you arent even GOOD at it.

      • You waited for yours truly to comment on something? If I am the center of your universe, you really need to get a life.

    • cassandram

      Hey they really might not. But *we* do and since we are here, we write for that. How if you run off to tell all of the GM employees that we are talking about collusion instead of them, ok?

    • You sure do. You’re more heavily invested in this issue than anyone else in the Delaware blogosphere.

  2. This post has not aged well.

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