Carney’s Vetos Encourage Primary Talk [Poll]

Governor John Carney (D) did something right before the election earlier this month that probably ends any civil relationship he has with the General Assembly, and also may garner something that no Democratic Governor has faced in forty years: a primary challenge.

Carney vetoed two Democratic bills that would have made life just a little easier for middle class and working class families.  One bill that was vetoed have converted a $400 school property tax credit for senior citizens to a refundable income tax credit based on eligibility.  The second bill that was vetoed changed Delaware’s earned income tax credit program, making the tax credit fully refundable on your state taxes if you receive it.

You may be thinking to yourself, wait, how did Carney vetoed something just now, when the General Assembly ended its session at the end of June.   Well, it is the “custom” of the General Assembly holding passed bills until the Governor calls for them.  You see, normally, as it is with the federal Congress, once both chambers of the legislature pass a bill, it is immediately sent to the Chief Executive (either the Governor or the President) for action.  And then the countdown starts.  If President does not act within 10 days the bill automatically becomes law if it is not vetoed.   Here, in Delaware, these bills were passed months ago, but they were not sent to Carney until the week before the election.  Because, as “long standing custom” holds, the Governor must call for passed legislation to sign.  Otherwise the General Assembly hold the legislation until he does call for it.

But, all outstanding bills and resolutions that are hanging out there waiting to be called, expire at the election, because the day after the elections, newly elected Senators and Representatives take office immediately, and thus, the old session of the General Assembly is deemed complete.  So if the Governor never calls for a bill to sign, then it’s a silent veto.

Democratic lawmakers grew tired of this silent veto game by Carney and sent him the bills to sign or veto.  They should do that for now on.  That custom of deferring to the Governor is and should be dead for all time.  When you pass a bill, force the Governor to sign or veto it within 10 days.

But we digress.  Why did Carney veto these two bills?   He gave some illogical Trumpian  reason, that making the tax credit fully refundable for the working poor would raise taxes on 35,000 families.   The sponsors of the bills, State Representatives Paul Baumbach and Kim Williams, immediately refuted his reasons.    But that is really not important.

What is important to recognize is that John Carney is a mediocre Carperdyne model of a governor, and he should be challenged by an actual liberal Democrat in 2020.   And hopefully these vetos have awaken the entire Democratic establishment to that fact.  But like the whole leadership challenge in the new House to try and prevent Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi from becoming Speaker, you can’t beat something with nothing.  And right now there is no obvious candidate that intends to run.

So let’s start that discussion.

Who should be Governor Carney's primary opponent in the 2020 Democratic Primary?

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25 comments on “Carney’s Vetos Encourage Primary Talk [Poll]

  1. I’d stand behind Townsend, Lynn, or Kowalko any fucking day, for any fucking office.

  2. I was torn between someone who could pull a Markell and upset Carney in the primary and the “any warm body” approach. Six of the names on that list likely fall into the “any warm body” category, if we’re being honest.

    Choosing with my head: Denn got my vote, but he’s not enough “maverick” to primary the sitting Governor. Would he primary BHL for the Democratic nomination in 2024? Sure. But no way primaries Carney.

    Choosing with my heart: I’d be ecstatic with Chris Johnson, Eugene Young, or Bryan Townsend, fwiw.

    • Delaware Dem

      I agree. Denn is not going to do it even though he is best positioned to do it and win. My dream candidates would be Townsend, Johnson or Young.

  3. Wallflower

    I’d like to see a few folks run:

    Eugene Young — too big for just the City of Wilmington, amazing retail politician and right on all the issues
    Karen Peterson — she’s lost some of her progressive street cred, but I think she’d still make a solid governor
    Mike Matthews — dark horse. He won’t run. Lots of baggage. But, wow…he’d be a great progressive candidate.
    Sean Lynn — no one gives a floor speech like this guy. Smart. Compassionate. Progressive. Perfect.
    Tizzy Lockman — too soon? I know she was just elected, but damn, she is the whole package.
    Tony Allen — WEIC seems to have fizzled, but the guy has a great story and is the perfect advocate for education

    • Delaware Dem

      Love Young and Lynn out of your list. Tizzy just got elected and I want to see her in the Senate for a little bit. Unfortunately Matthews is just not viable right now. I say no to Karen Peterson given her endorsement of Mike Ramone. I wanted her to run against Carney in 2016. But she has lost her street cred and then some.

    • Young has no experience being a Governor. Except, he’s a D and you guys well elect any D, behind their name!
      And, don’t say anything about Trump and his experience. He shouldn’t have been President, except the D’s put up a complete ding-dong, Hillary!

      • this is LITERALLY about not just voting for a dem because they have a D after their name.
        try harder.

      • You not liking someone is reason enough for me to support them

        • @Prop and Ben: Experience in running a State…….GO!

          • let’s play a game. It’s called magats who whine about career politicians aren’t allowed to pretend to care about experience. oops. you lose.

      • Agitprop seems to be your preferred way of interacting. Complete waste of everyone’s time…

  4. All in for Bryan Townsend, but Matt Denn would get it as well. I’m assuming Schwartzkopf’s name is in there for comic relief.

    • Delaware Dem

      LOL, yes, but also as a way to gauge any establishment or conservadem dissatisfaction with Carney.

  5. Glen Schmiesing

    Eugene Young

  6. I’d love it to be Chris Johnson, but I also think Kevin Kelley would have a good chance at it.

    • Kevin Kelley is a slightly more extroverted version of John Carney. I say that as a compliment I love both of them. But he wouldn’t primary John.

  7. Y’all are crazy. Carney is not getting primaried.

  8. Absolutely 0 chance he’ll have a real primary challenger and you all know it.

  9. RE Vanella

    What’s this guy on about? I think it’s Starkey sockpuppetting.

    • I’ve been around for quite awhile. Not a sockpuppet. For what it’s worth Starkey is a good dude.

  10. Scribner B Reddy

    Dr. Julia Pillsbury of Dover can give him a run for his money, if she decides to come out of left field.

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