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Vote Analysis — Delaware Treasurer’s Race

Courtesy of Nicholas Schrieber.

I’m glad he included the 2014 race between Sean Barney and Ken Simpler for comparison. The differences between 2014 and now:

  1. 2018 shows a pretty sharp strengthening of NCC D votes for Treasurer, and an emerging Blue corridor around Smryna to Dover.  This map reminded me of early 2000-era electoral maps of Virginia when you could see the start of the I95 Blue Corridor there.
  2. In 2014, Barney was strongest in eastern NCCo and (it looks) around Dover.  But he captured enough votes south of the canal to keep his overall vote total fairly competitive.  This cycle, a really strong D showing in NCCO — including MOT; plus an expanded D showing in the Smryna-Dover; added to some of the votes Barney got (clearly not all) in Sussex was enough.
  3. In NCCo we heard plenty of reports that Rs were planning to vote a straight D ticket, except for Simpler and that looks like what happened.

It is really interesting how these two races flipped their numbers, but it certainly looks like Davis was able to capture the Blue Wave here.

What do you think?

7 comments on “Vote Analysis — Delaware Treasurer’s Race

  1. I agree a “Blue Corridor” is emerging in the Smyrna-Dover area, believe it’s due to the influx of new residents from surrounding blue states and the decline of the crusty/dusty old farts in the bungalows on the back roads. Also believe this trend should dramatically reduce fears that Bruce Ennis will be replaced by a Republican. I live just north of Smyrna, things are changing rapidly here.

    • “I agree a “Blue Corridor” is emerging in the Smyrna-Dover area, believe it’s due to the influx of new residents from surrounding blue states ”

      See, that ‘s the thing I don’t understand. People are leaving New Jersey and New York in droves because of the confiscatory taxes imposed on them by years of Democrat rule, and they move to Delaware and seem to want the same damn thing to happen here.

      • The “confiscatory taxes” are mostly school taxes, and have nothing to do with “Democrat” rule. The areas of nearby Pennsylvania with high property taxes have been in Republican hands at the local level for 100 years.

        In short, you don’t know what you’re talking about, just repeating the crap that the locals “know.”

  2. Jack Polidori

    Well done. Great maps and observations. Democrats did a nice job back in 2011 re-configuring the district formerly represented now-Sen. Paradee in that Smyrna-Dover corridor. Northern part is more ‘Blue Dog’ than southern part which is more influenced by higher education and state employees. It is also very noteworthy to see some emerging pockets of Democratic votes in Sussex County.

  3. Also…The light blue and light red are all gone. Republicans have forced everyone into armed camps. I’m always amazed to hear Democrats like John Carney who simply cannot (will not) accept that reality.

  4. Got another comment snagged. No T-word… so

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