Townsend elected Majority Whip in Senate

Well, here is some awesome news from the horribly and nefariously scheduled Caucus Member meeting to choose the next session’s leadership.  You see, in Delaware, weirdly, once you are elected on Tuesday, you immediately take office the next day.  Check the General Assembly website for the House and Senate and you will already see all the new freshmen legislators elected last night already listed as serving Representatives and Senators.  Man, that’s cold hearted for the losers last night.  But such is life.

So Senate President Dave McBride and his Majority Whip Nicole Poore wanted to forestall a fully formed challenge to their leadership, hence the hastily scheduled meeting tonight.  Presumably, one of the people they might have feared a challenge from, or someone who might have voted against them, was Newark area Senator Bryan Townsend, a progressive Democrat.   I am not privy to the machinations that occurred tonight yet, but it has been announced that Senator Townsend has been elected to be the new Majority Whip, and Poore has been elected Majority Leader and McBride will continue as Senate President.    No word on whether Townsend had any competition, or whether Senator Dave Sokola went ahead with a challenge to Poore for Majority Leader.

“Joining Senate leadership is both an opportunity and an incredible responsibility that I do not take lightly,” said Townsend. “I’m thankful for my colleagues’ faith in my ability to carry out these duties and will honor their confidence. All of us come from different backgrounds and experiences, but we are united by a shared belief that government works best when it is committed to doing what is right, not what is easy; to fighting for everyone, not just the privileged few; and to knowing how and where to find common ground with those whose beliefs differ from our own.”

Majority Leader Designate Nicole Poore: “I am proud that our Caucus is not only growing, but changing to more closely represent the people of this state and their beliefs. It’s our duty to reaffirm each day our commitment to improving our schools, fighting for public safety and social justice, and ensuring that our approach to governing is both principled and responsible. Sen. Henry was unconditionally devoted to that vision, and I intend to follow in her footsteps as a fighter and a steward for Delawareans’ values.”

In the House, House Democrats have re-elected Pete Schwartzkopf and Valerie Longhurst as Speaker and Majority Leader, respectively.  Larry Mitchell, who I hear wants to be Speaker someday, has finally gotten into the leadership by being elected as the new Majority Whip.

On the Republican side, Senator Gerald Hocker is the new Minority Leader and strangely, Cathy Cloutier has been chose Minority Whip.   I say that because Cloutier often votes with the Dems in order to keep her seat up here in Brandywine.  Is she going to punish herself when she votes against her party line?    Her Whipship will likely be short lived, as she will be a prime target in 2020.    In the House, Danny Short will once again be the Minority Leader. Surprisingly, Tim Dukes will be the new Minority Whip.

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