It’s Election Day. What are you seeing?

So I am heading out right now to my polling place, Aldersgate Methodist Church on Concord Pike, to be the first in line to vote.  When you do the same (if you haven’t already voted), please stop back here and report on what you see and hear at your polling place?  What’s the turnout like?   Were there any candidates greeting you before you entered?  Were there any problems, like stubborn poll workers demanding your ID in order for you to be allowed to vote?  Remember, while you will be asked to show your ID, if you do not have an ID, you can still vote.  All you have to do, and you can remind your poll worker about this, is sign an Affidavit of Affirmation that you are the person listed on the election district voting record.

Here is a list of Twitter handles that you should follow today:

Nicholas Schrieber (KingScribe).  He will have wonderful precinct maps in the days following the election.
Josh Whittaker 
Matthew Albright
Matthew Bittle
Scott Gross
Mike Eichmann 
Christina Jedra
Amy Cherry
Matt Moore 
Kent County Elections
New Castle County Elections
Tom Lehman
Delaware Democrats
Erik Raser Schramm
DE House Dems
DE Senate Dems
Delaware United
Delaware Public Media
James Dawson
Tim Furlong
Delaware State News

Also follow #NetDE and #VoteDE

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19 comments on “It’s Election Day. What are you seeing?

  1. Unstable Isotope

    The GOP really went all out on signs in my district

  2. Just me at the polls this a.m., political signage is average around here.

  3. 645 am. I’m the 20th person in line at Aldersgate. Massive turnout. Usually I’m the first.

  4. Most people I’ve ever seen at McVey in Newark. Presidential years included. Im still solidly pessimistic about this, but that was encouraging.

    • Agree. It was the most people I have ever seen at Aldersgate, even going back to 2008 when Obama first ran. 20 people in front of me, and the line behind me kept growing. I estimate another 40-50 behind me as I went in to vote.

  5. Large turnout this morning in Roxana. Colleen Davis was there when I was. I voted behind a old man who didn’t know how to use the machine, and complained that it was faulty because it didn’t light up his Arlett vote the first time he hit the button

  6. DCDelaware

    Southern Elementary was not overly busy, but a steady flow of folks coming in. Hard rain had chased the greeters away by the time we came out. Standard signage. Hope to have candidates to vote for in 2020 to replace PAL Val, Nicole Help-Myself Poore, and Where’s Bill Bell.

  7. I’m voting this afternoon when my daughter gets home. My son and husband voted absentee.

    I can see my polling location (Park View) from my window. The number of cars coming and going is crazy.

  8. It was fairly busy at West Minster Presbyterian at 8 am.

    I just hope the pools are off by about 3% in capturing Democratic anger and turnout. Then the predictions from yesterday aren’t that far off. ( i happen to think that is far more likely than the opposite, and a replay of the gut punch that was 2016)

  9. Sarah McBride

    Voted absentee in person last week, but my family said that Immanuel Episcopal in the Highlands/Rockford Park Area is the busiest they have ever seen.

  10. Sarah McBride

    Voted absentee in person yesterday as I’m traveling for work, but heard from my family that Immanuel Episcopal in the Highlands/Rockford Park Area is the busiest they’ve ever seen it.

  11. Aldersgate remained busy around 10 am. I’ve never seen that many people there when I voted. A small herd moved past me on my way out. Parking lot was full.

  12. Kat Caudle

    Each polling place I visited this morning (through about lunch time) in the 21st was packed! it’s been a great day for turnout despite the rain. Getting ready to head back out soon.

  13. Things were pretty brisk at Mt Pleasant Elementary this morning at around 9am, but well managed. Poll worker said the turnout was way up.

  14. 5:15pm Oberle Elementary in the heart of Bear is quite busy. Poll workers shared that turnout has been very steady all day long. This polling place serves a densely populated area. The volunteers have directing voters to the proper area of the gym down to a science. In and out, quick and easy.

  15. Milton was very busy too around 11am. That retiree vote block actually had a good split of d/r voters

  16. cassandram

    All of the City polling places I saw had a steady influx of voters today. I voted at Quaker Hill Place around noon and it was steady and pretty happy. Fingers crossed!

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