The Polling Report for November 5, 2018

A new CNN/SSRS poll finds Democrats continue to hold a double-digit lead over Republicans in a generic congressional ballot among likely voters, 55% to 42%.

“That’s a slimmer edge than the party held in CNN’s final poll before the 2006 midterm elections and similar to the Republicans’ 10-point advantage just before the 2010 midterms.”

The most accurate poll of the 2016 race, that correctly predicted that Trump would win, the USC Dornsife/LA Times poll, has the Democrats up 56% to 41%, a 15% point lead.

MISSOURI–NBC News/MaristMcCaskill 50Hawley 47
ARIZONA–Emerson CollegeSinema 49–McSally 48
FLORIDA–NBC News/MaristNelson 50Scott 46
FLORIDA–St. Pete PollsNelson 50Scott 46
FLORIDA–QuinnipiacNelson 51Scott 44
FLORIDA–Emerson CollegeNelson 50Scott 45
MICHIGAN–Mitchell ResearchStabenow 53James 46
NEW JERSEY–Change ResearchMenendez 51Hugin 41
NEW JERSEY–QuinnipiacQuinnipiacMenendez 55Hugin 40
PENNSYLVANIA–Change ResearchCasey 51Barletta 44
OHIO–Change ResearchBrown 53Renacci 43
MINNESOTA A–SurveyUSASmith 48Housley 40
MINNESOTA B–SurveyUSAKlobuchar 57Newberger 34
NEVADA–Emerson CollegeRosen 49Heller 45
GEORGIA–20/20 InsightAbrams 50Kemp 46
SOUTH DAKOTA–Change ResearchSutton 51Noem 45
FLORIDA–NBC News/MaristGillum 50DeSantis 46
FLORIDA–St. Pete PollsGillum 50DeSantis 45
FLORIDA–QuinnipiacGillum 50DeSantis 43
FLORIDA–Emerson CollegeGillum 51DeSantis 46
PENNSYLVANIA–Change ResearchWolf 53Wagner 42
OHIO–Change ResearchCordray 48DeWine 43
NEW HAMPSHIRE–University of New HampshireKelly 46Sununu 46
MICHIGAN–Mitchell ResearchMitchell ResearchWhitmer 54–Schuette 40
NEVADA–Emerson CollegeSisolak 48Laxalt 47

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