Caesar Rodney Institute Is Still A Few Thinkers Short of a Think Tank

I haven’t written about these guys in a while and they’ve been pretty well left to speak to their Republican audiences. But we find that not only are they a 501(c)3 organization; that they are still quite partisan; but now they are also part of the campaign arm of the Republican Party!

First problem, of course, is that CRI is a 501(c)3, so political campaigning and advocacy is a no-no. Should be reported to the IRS (and our own AG and Department of Elections), although I suspect this Administration’s IRS will never pay attention to stuff like this. But par for the GOP course, if they are cheating, they are campaigning. Or maybe it is the other way around.

Second, we should remind ourselves that Senator Lawson is a full-on bigot. He is opposed to Family Leave for State Employees. He is a supporter of Gay Conversion Therapy. He is against the coverage of birth control by insurance. I could do this all day, but let’s just say that Lawson is not one of Delaware’s shining legislative stars.

Third, while this piece indulges in illegal campaigning, WTF is up with the Districts they are promoting? It took awhile to sort out that they are referring to the 9th RD, 10th SD, and 17th SD — so what they are *really* asking for is that their readers support a GOP candidate in Rep District 9 (Helmsley v Johns — no impact on the Senate, CRI! I thought you guys were a think tank); in Senate District 10 which is Senator Hansen (who has a GOP opponent who is campaigning against transgender people); and Senate District 17 is Paradee and King (King campaigning with the usual GOP palaver that masks the usual Trump-level ignorance of issues and provision of belligerent solutions).

So there we have it. The CRI is back in the limelight again and they haven’t gotten any smarter. This time campaigning for a sitting Senator who will advance a project that the CRI is interested in AND not clear about Delaware’s competitive Senate Districts.

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  1. So, have you gotten their viewpoint or how the info got out there? NO, of course not. Maybe, some energetic person, put that up by mistake or didn’t know, that it’s against policy.

    • cassandram

      They emailed it out to their email list. If they have a story, they can tell it. But this story is that they are in violation of their 501(c)3 status and they are not the world’s best communicators.

      • Mistakes happen and you failed to do a little investigative reporting and ask a question. Blinders?

        • The email was sent out, which makes it their responsibility. No one else’s.

        • cassandram

          This is a blog. One sided journalism is the point. How long have you been here, really? Because we should ban you just because you are this damn stupid.

          • I’ve been telling you that for at least 2 years. Why don’t you try it and see if anyone complains that he’s gone?

  2. It’s pretty disappointing that Dace put his name on this. He should be embarrassed by the stupidity on display.

    • That would imply he’s ever put anything but his stupidity on display.

  3. Jack Polidori

    It should be referred to the Delaware Department of Elections and the Attorney General. It’s always a good idea to raise the matter with the IRS. This sure strikes me as “express advocacy”. It starts off on an “issue advocacy” language path but then switches to election advocacy language indicative of “express advocacy”, even if of a generic nature.
    Great sleuth work.
    Maybe Mr. Transparency, Greg Lavalle, would be willing to help on this. He is often offended by violations of his high standard of political morality and behavior.

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