The Polling Report for October 29, 2018

An NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist poll released Friday offered virtually nothing but bad news for Republicans, the worst of which centers around the tax cuts they passed for the nation’s wealthiest. Not only do more Americans consistently oppose the law than support it—with most also saying they haven’t benefited from it—a strong majority of registered voters prefers to roll back the cuts in order to shore up the nation’s ballooning deficit.

Fully 60 percent of registered voters said “it was better to roll back the tax cuts passed by Congress than to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid,” according to NPR. That number includes a plurality of Republicans:

  • Reverse tax cut: 43 percent
  • Cut SS/Medicare/Medicaid: 32 percent

And strong majorities of both Democrats (80 percent) and independents (58 percent) favor reversing the tax cuts to cutting social programs.

The poll also included troubling news for Republicans that could perhaps foreshadow a shift toward Democrats.

  • Despite recent news that Trump’s approval rating is peaking, his approvals in the NPR poll dropped to 39 percent, down from 41 percent in the same poll earlier this month
  • Democrats also expanded their lead over Republicans in the poll’s generic ballot to 10 points, 50-40 percent, a sizable increase from the their 6-point lead earlier this month

The poll was conducted Oct. 21-23, so well after Trump began plugging the supposed “caravan” crises but before the real scope of the “MAGA bomber” crisis had unfolded.

NBC News: “There are many unknowns with this year’s midterm elections, but one thing seems clear: A lot of people are going to go to be voting. From poll data to actual early ballots, the signs point to 2018 as a blockbuster midterm in terms of turnout.”

“Overall, 65 percent of those surveyed said they had high interest in this midterm election. That figure is higher than any number seen recently. The closest election was 2006, when 61 percent said they were highly interested in that midterm. Furthermore, the trend in the data holds true for a wide range of demographic groups from women to Democrats and Republicans to white, African–American and Hispanic voters.”

From a new CBS News Battleground Poll:

  • FL-Sen: Bill Nelson (D) 46%, Rick Scott (R) 46%
  • AZ-Sen: Kyrsten Sinema (D) 47%, Martha McSally (R) 44%
  • IN-Sen: Mike Braun (R) 46%, Joe Donnelly (D) 43%

One of the reasons the tax cut for the rich hasn’t sold well on the campaign trail is because it wasn’t designed to do much for most Americans, and most Americans noticed, and noticed who did benefit.  According to a poll released this week by Bankrate. The Hill writes:  “Of those surveyed, 17 percent said they were worse off now than two years ago and 45 percent said their situation has not changed. Thirty-eight percent of respondents said their finances have improved.”

Huh, so 38 percent think they’re better off. Does that percentage sound familiar to anyone?  But more importantly, that means 62 percent of Americans feel their financial situation either hasn’t changed or has actually gotten worse while the GOP ran the federal government.

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  1. Hard not to notice the great tax giveaway flopped this time and that a majority of Americans don’t like it, even better their willing to roll back the cuts. Hoping the Republicans have finally exhausted Reagan’s tax cut for the rich game, it only took near 40 years for most Americans to wake up, as noted 38% never will. Noticed after a brief flurry of McConnell and Ryan saying we had to cut Social Security and Medicare to reduce the deficit the claims we’re greeted with a hail and hearty Go To Hell by most Americans, astonishing that either had the nerve to say these things right before an election.

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