Right Wing Violence is a Greater Threat to Americans Than Any Other Ideological Violence


See that? It is a fantastic infographic comparing Right Wing violence and activity vs. Islamists vs. Left Wing. Data comes from the ADL who developed this heat map plotting where and frequency of these events in the US. Their data goes back to 2002, and tells us what law enforemcent has been telling us all along — white supremacy is a bigger danger to the people in this country than Islamists.

Right wing violence is largely ignored and in some cases protected by this Administration. Right wing terrorists are considered by the GRIFTUS as having some very fine people in them. GRIFTUS said the words, claiming he was a nationalist awhile back — a term that the Millers and Bannons of this Administration throw around along with the word “globalist”. Words that are specifically meant to communicate to their followers that they are Putting White People First. Which you can see in the behavior of the Beckys of the world (calling 911 when they want Black people removed from their spaces) all the way up to the right wing attempted assassination of Dem leadership, the murder of black patrons at Kroger in Kentucky (he tried a Black church first)and the specific targeting and murder of Jews in Pittsburgh yesterday.

Time to put an end to this.

You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas. -- Shirley Chisolm

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  1. After 9/11 the surveillance shifted to Islamic radicals, it should have stayed put as the evidence has always been there that it is white supremacists that pose the greatest threat. Timothy McVeigh was not an isolated individual, there are many more out there.

    • Every single one of the most recent terrorists’ associates need to be rounded up and interrogated with enhancement .

  2. cassandram

    I warned of right-wing violence in 2009. Republicans objected. I was right.

    Since 2008, though, the body count from numerous acts of violent right-wing terrorism continued to rise steadily with very little media interest, political discussion or concern from our national leaders. As this threat grew, government resources were scaled back, law enforcement counterterrorism training was defunded and policies to counter violent extremism narrowed to focus solely on Muslim extremism. Heated political campaigning by Donald Trump in 2016 pandered to these extremists. Now, right-wing terrorism has become the national security threat which many government leaders have yet to acknowledge.

    I remember this report. And I remember being told that such investigation violated the rights of various (white) groups of people.

    • I remember us writing about this report when it came out and the way Republican had a fit, saying how it was unfair to single these groups out. At the time, I didn’t understand why Republicans defended militant militias, white nationalists, and people like Timothy McVeigh. Now I understand.

      The GOP has incited, defended and excused right wing terrorism – abortion clinic bombers (and the killing of doctors who perform abortions), MRAs, Christianists, conspiracy theorists that end up killing (or attempting to kill) people in churches/synagogues, Krogers, and police officers. There’s not much sunlight between the GOP and 4chan.

      White men are always viewed as individuals, never as a monolith like every other group of people. I’ve said it before, imagine the endless conversations and laws enacted if the majority of mass shooters were Asian women.

      The reason we can’t stop this right wing terrorism is because you can’t stop what you refuse to look for.

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