Civility: Explosive Devices Sent to Clintons and Obamas

Via TPM:

An explosive device was found during regular screening of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s mail on Wednesday, according to the New York Times. 

According to an NBC report, the package was found around 1 a.m. near a home in Chappaqua, New York that the Clintons own.

The Clintons were not the only former officials to almost receive a potential explosive.

According to a statement from the Secret Service, agents also intercepted a possible explosive device sent to the Obamas Wednesday night.

On Monday, George Soros was sent a similar device.

This is where we are. This is where Trump has taken us with his dangerous rhetoric against Dems, Soros, Hillary, the Obamas, journalists, Muslims, LGBTQ, black/brown people, women, etc.. More people will be hurt because of Trump’s inciting words. He’s giving those “lone wolves” directions.

BTW, if you haven’t read up on the Proud Boys (the latest Republican darlings), you should. It’s also no surprise Trump is calling himself a Nationalist, a word he said he’s “not supposed to use” – which is exactly the reason he used it. Message received.

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  1. This looks like what is termed “romancing” a behavior. It is experiencing these devices as if they are real, and deciding how to proceed. I think much of George Zimmerman’s behavior was romancing what it feels like to really kill someone, until he finally created the circumstances in which he could fulfill his desire, killing a black kid like Trevon Martin. Romancing does lead to “next steps” that include the real thing. That the packages are all directed at liberals is a tip.

  2. Despite labeling Dem protestors “a mob” the real potential for violence has always been on the far right in modern times, like all things evil Trump has made them feel empowered to act up with stunts like this. The goal is to intimidate, literally to terrorize the intended target, will wait and see if copycats emerge.

  3. Start buying guns, liberals.

  4. It’s not a big leap from “lock her up” to blow her up.

    Now we have CNN and Debbie Wasserman Schultz receiving packages.

    This is Donald Trump’s world – He created it. Trump and the GOP own this.

    • Looks like we can add Eric Holder to the list of package receivers.

  5. Now trmp’s SS is saying they didnt get a package. Looks like Faux tried to cook that up to make the attack seem “balanced”
    this is it. the Magats have started the war. Time for Billy Sherman to teach these traitorous fucks another lesson.

  6. Sen Harris and the Tribune were also both targeted in the Magat revolution.
    We must now consider trump supporters an imminent threat to our lives and treat them as such.

  7. As expected there’s a propaganda effort to claim leftists are behind the bombs, this time I find it hard to believe even the Maghatters will believe it. Then again…..

  8. “NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch says supporters may need to bring guns to polls to protect themselves from progressives”

    There you go

  9. Seems the game is evolving and assorted speculations about who sent the bombs is taking on a life of it’s own. Would like to know it the bombs were viable, are they really bombs or just a prop to scare people?

  10. Joe Connor

    I am 67 and been through a whole lot in life and seen a lot. After the reaction from the President and his supporters in the past 24 hours and finding out that apparently one of these bombs was attempted to be sent to a man I know personally I am terrified of where this is going, .straight up!

  11. Why do you blame Trump and not the angry mobs from the left?

    • Let’s see, an angry asshole with a huge popular following vs. angry regular people. Which group is more likely to inspire a bomb campaign against Democrats?

      A better question is, why would you visit this site for the first time just to ring the doorbell and leave a flaming paper bag of dogshit on the porch?

    • cassandram

      These people are the laundry list of targets that he routinely demonizes. The left angry mobs are arrayed against the racist mobs of the right. They aren’t out hurting people for fun.

      You get the same warning. Both sides do it is not the answer because it is not true. More bothsiderism gets deleted.

      • Everyone sees the divide.
        I have no idea what you mean by a middle road for all.
        The racial, religious, sexuality, gender divide exists because of the self-proclaimed Nationalist, “some very fine people on both sides”, grab ’em by the p*ssy, the press is the enemy President. Where’s the middle ground there you’d like us to meet on?
        I’m fine with hearing from the other side. What I won’t indulge is the both-siderism game you like to play.

        Why do you ask questions that you have no intention of discussing honestly?

      • President Trump, FBI Director Wray, Defense Secretary Mattis, and others, were victims of assassination attempts via mail earlier this month. This incident counters your hilarious insistence that “both sides do it is not the answer because it is not true.”

        • cassandram

          By a Navy Vet. That even this reporting can’t identify as “left wing”. But he was a child abuser and clearly off his rocker. But he isn’t both sides. Any more are deleted. If anything because you clearly can’t read.

  12. Mitch Crane

    The president sets the tone in this country. Above all else civility is expected and not dehumanization. When President Obama was attacked as being born in Africa, being a Muslim, getting into law school while unqualified, and his wife attacked because of her race, he either ignored those comments or responded with humor. This president has failed miserably on all scores.

    As to the “angry mobs on the left” comment of yours, that tells all we need to know about you.

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