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Poll has great news for Democrats and horrible news for Ken Simpler.

The University of Delaware’s Center for Political Communication conducted a poll in mid September that found Senator Carper and Congresswoman Blunt Rochester with 30 point leads over their Republican opponents.   The same poll asked about a variety of other topics:

61% of Delawareans support legalizing marijuana.

60% of Delawareans support “having a national health plan, or Medicare-for-all, in which all Americans would get their insurance from a single government plan.”

68% of Delawareans would support a universal health care plan provided by the government that is described as being available to “any American who wants it.”  So support increases if you hold open an option to be cheated by private insurers.

56% of Delawareans characterized it as the responsibility of the government to make sure all Americans have health care.

75% of Delawareans said they support laws to prevent transgender students from being discriminated against.

66% of Delawareans have a favorable opinion of Senator Carper.   27% say that favorable opinion is very favorable, while 39% say it is just a mostly favorable opinion.

55% of Delawareans have a favorable opinion of Congresswoman Blunt Rochester.  27% say they are unfamiliar with her or refused to offer an opinion.   That’s interesting

57% said they have a favorable view of Sen. Coons, while Gov. Carney’s favorability rating is at 63%.

But, in the most surprising polling result from this poll, a majority of Delawareans either had not heard of or could not rate Treasurer Ken Simpler.  That is a reminder that we political junkies are a rarity among our friends and neighbors.   They only know about the big 3 and the Governor.   They either don’t know about or don’t care about other statewide officers.  Mr. Simpler is the Republican Treasurer running for reelection this year and is likely to be, if he wins a second term, the Republican nominee for Governor in 2020.

But with poll numbers this, where only 36% have a favorable opinion of him, while the rest either disapproval of him or don’t care or don’t know about him, then that opens the possibility that in a Democratic wave year, he will be swept out of office.  Where people will be voting for Democrats up and down the ballot, then they will vote for Colleen Davis over Ken Simpler.   If Simpler is denied a second term, then his platform for running for Governor is washed away in the wave.

I had been skeptical that Davis could beat Simpler, because I assumed that Simpler was well known and liked.  That assumption was wrong.


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6 comments on “Poll has great news for Democrats and horrible news for Ken Simpler.

  1. Good news! But I’m still burning over Karen Peterson AND Melanie Smith George endorsing Mike Ramone in the 21st over a great candidate in Stephanie Barry!!! WTF????

  2. Jack Polidori

    It would be quite helpful for some competent polling entity that works in Delaware to ascertain if our citizens favor the Ken Simpler-supported proposal to cut the top bracket on the state income tax or, alternatively, to add another bracket for people making (for example, over 150 or 200K) a higher amount of income (a new bracket) while lowering the tax rate on the two lowest brackets.
    Also, how about the establishment of a state property tax dedicated to support public education funding as a way to help resolve the current lawsuit that challenges the under- and inequitable funding of public education?
    Horror of horrors, this might cause us to reassess property values.

  3. Joe Connor

    I met Colleen’s family literally the day they moved here. I umpired her softball games and her other siblings as well along with her siblings. I Refereed Soccer and coached with her dad. While her roots are a bit red her family encouraged independent though among the 8 kids. She is all Democratic Blue:). I have been watching and decided to kick in a few $$ today on this news. A win by Colleen would be a great thing:)!

  4. Good stuff. Fuck that creepy Trump-loving motherfucker.

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