Rep. Ruth Brigs King and Rep. Rich Collins Sign ALEC Petition to Seat Kavanaugh

The good news is that it is ONLY two Delaware legislators.   Names:  Representative Ruth Briggs King and Representative Rich Collins.  Shame they wanted to add to the sideshow that is the Delaware Republican party this year.  While most Americans saw an individual who was clearly unfit to be a judge, much less a Supreme Court Justice, lacking in a judicial demeanor that might signal some impartiality and commitment to the law.  Most women saw a man and the GOP deciding that sexual assault was not disqualifying for pretty much any government position.  While they got plenty of showy media time denouncing Senator Franken or Weinstein or Cosby, they could not bring themselves to apply that same morality to Kavanaugh.

Let’s also remember who ALEC is — ALEC is an associate member of the State Policy Network, who is also part of the funding for the Caesar Rodney Institute. Most of ALEC’s funding comes from corporations and corporate foundations and their entire reason for being is to push bills at the state level that their funders want to see enacted. So you get the point of signing this petition, right? This is abould getting someone on the Supreme Court who will further move government away from the needs of people towards the craven wants of business.

Brad Connor filed as a D to challenge Rich Collins in the 41st RD.  He is working hard in this race and could use some help — send him a few dollars, could you?

Ruth Briggs King doesn’t have an opponent, but do what you can to help Brad Connor above or Don Allan who is poised to flip a red district too.

And if you are a constituent of either Briggs King or Collins reach out and ask them why they are doing ALEC’s work and not Delaware’s?

You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas. -- Shirley Chisolm

10 comments on “Rep. Ruth Brigs King and Rep. Rich Collins Sign ALEC Petition to Seat Kavanaugh

  1. Steven Fackenthall

    I’m not entirely sure “most Americans saw an individual clearly unfit to be judge.” I certainly did! It’s unfortunate that for most Republicans, it’s simply about getting their man on the highest court; I mean think of all the cases they can overturn! All of BK’s “righteous anger” solidified their decision and obviously appeals to their base, while Ford was someone who couldn’t give definite facts even though research dictates what can happen to the brain during trauma. The right doesn’t care. They will yell “obstruction” and “stall tactics” but swoon that McConnell never even entertained a hearing for Garland. I hope and pray D’s come out in November.

    • cassandram

      What is true is that support for Kavanaugh has been dropping since he was nominated and even recent polling notes he did not help himself here. The GOP is doing it’s usual thing — pretending to be victims, but also very clearly making it plain that sexual assault is not a disqualifier for them for any level of office. Their entire argument is one from white privilege and it certainly looks from here that we are all getting a good look at the kind of governing that is SOP for the GOP. Adding ALEC into the mix just makes it even more plain that these people show up for corporations, not real people.

  2. The “Budget Smoothing” creation that has been executive ordered into existence by Governor Carney is a creation of ALEC with the full support of the Chamber of Commerce, all of the Republicans and enough soulless Democrats that will screw the middle class and poor and further enrich the huge corporations and wealthier earners. “ALEC Productions” proudly brought to you by the Grover Norquists and Koch family values aided and abetted by a handful of greedy and self-serving corporatists of all stripes. Know your enemies well so you can bar the door when they come for everything you have or hope to have.

    Representative John Kowalko

  3. Rep. Hudson has been on the ALEC train a few times before, with her “Education Savings Accounts” Trojan horse… Heck, I think she even went so deep into the ALEC Kool-Aid that when she filed the bill, she or whomever worked with her on it, forgot to remove several instances of “[insert state specific information here]” from the ALEC template bill.

    • cassandram

      I think I remember this. Will see if we can revive this story.

  4. Two small state politicians, barely known outside of their own sparsely populated districts, signed a petition that carries no weight for an issue over which they have no influence in order to burnish their credentials for the upcoming election. The big question is why didn’t Arlett sign the petition? Or even Joe Swaggledork (I just made it him up, but his signature carries about the same weight as theirs).

  5. Joe Connor

    Debbie Capano, King and Collins deserve each other. You will find Capano all over ALEC including trips.

    • This would be a smart thing for Krista Griffith to highlight.

    • The first step is to point out that Debbie Capano is better known as Deb Hudson.

      • Joe Connor

        She started as Debbie Capano and the name change merely disguises the craven clawing nature of her use of her power:)

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