Senator Coons Negotiates Some Space for an FBI Investigation

It is being reported everywhere that Senator Chris Coons worked with Senator Flake to negotiate a space for the FBI to get some investigation of the Blasey-Ford (not sure of the other two) allegations done. I applaud Senator Coons for this — it is not perfect (or even enough) but he did work with what he had to get some small space for justice to be done. (EDIT:  After just listening to the NPR interview with Senator Amy Klobuchar, it sounds as though she was just as vital to those conversations with Senator Flake.  Do not want to erase her important role here.)  It seems to have started here:


The timeline:

Senator Coons is reported to have been central to negotiations with Flake and other Senators that delayed the start of the committee vote.

Jeff Flake voted the move Kavanaugh’s nomination out of committee and to the floor.

Senator Flake did note that he will be a NO vote on Kavanaugh on the floor until the FBI is given one week to investigate some of the claims made by Blasey-Ford (not sure of the other two).

Senator Murkowski joins Senator Flake in voting NO until there is a week of FBI investigation.

So what does this mean? My assessment:

A re-opening of the FBI investigation needs Presidential approval. And probably an approval by McConnell to delay the vote. No one knows where either are at this point. But if this is not approved, then who knows what Flake will really do.  EDIT:  Trump approved re-opening the investigation.

An FBI investigation will likely be limited in scope and time-limited, so starts with one hand tied behind its back.

It could neutralize the main process objection argument Dems have been making, because no one will pay attention to the crippled investigation. But a small win in favor of normal process.

We shouldn’t expect much from this investigation if it happens. We have plenty of credible journalists who have documented the places where Kavanaugh has perjured himself.

Democrats did a mostly excellent job fighting for some justice here, fighting for some process. The Rs are hopping mad that their Georgetown Perp candidate got the Bill Clinton treatment, which is them railing for recognition of their own privilege. But Dems didn’t have to do the dirty work here, the GOP insisting on a fast-tracked process and their refusal to look into credible allegations did all of the smear work for them. Couldn’t happen to nicer guys.

Senator Coons is appearing at a Town Hall in Delaware City this evening — if you go, be sure to thank him for creating some space for justice to get some sunshine. But on Monday Morning, call his office and leave a Thank You for this. Apparently, the office is getting slammed with opposition calls.

You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas. -- Shirley Chisolm

10 comments on “Senator Coons Negotiates Some Space for an FBI Investigation

  1. Every elected official, should have an FBI check done…..yes Trump Too!

    • yes, very good. you’ve shared, without comment, an article outlining how your party is failing to address any part of this issue, other than protecting the sexual deviants it calls it’s members. well done?

  2. cassandram

    So you can take a look at the limits of this investigation to see what the limits of bipartisanship really are. While Coons and Flake took the step to get some space for the FBI to do what they do, the Administration feels no compulsion to cooperate with that spirit of bipartisanship. Don McGahn and the Rs on the Senate Judiciary Committee are working to reign in as much of the fact-finding as possible. There are reports everywhere of folks who clearly want to be questioned by the FBI because they believe they have info pertinent to this who have yet to be contacted and do not seem to be on this highly restricted list. Not to denigrate the work of Senator Coons, but this is exactly the problem with bipartisanship when you are working with an opposing party that works completely from bad faith. A couple of guys get to make the rounds to take a bipartisanship bow but the people who badly need justice to work are STILL left behind.

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