Blasey Ford – Kavanaugh Senate Hearing Today

Are you watching today?

I have no idea what this will look like. Republicans plan to hide behind a woman’s skirt, but I’m not sure they’ll be able to keep quiet. I’m not even sure how the prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell, plans to handle this? Is her role to get to the truth, or discredit Christine Blasey Ford?

Also, which Kavanaugh will show up today? The sober virgin who said, ““I went to an all-boys Catholic high school, a Jesuit high school where I was focused on academics and athletics, going to church every Sunday at Little Flower, working on my service projects and friendship,” or the new version, ““Yes, there were parties. The drinking age was 18. And yes, the seniors were legal and had beer there, and yes, people might have had too many beers on occasion.”

FYI: The legal drinking age in Maryland, where Judge Kavanaugh grew up, was raised to 21 from 18 in 1982, when he was a high school senior, and he did not turn 18 until 1983.



93 comments on “Blasey Ford – Kavanaugh Senate Hearing Today

  1. You got him Pandora. Solid investigative work there on that underage beer drinking issue. :).

    • I’m not the one who thinks underage drinking is a big deal. The fact that he lied about it is.

  2. Wow! Is Grassley Kavanaugh’s defense lawyer? He sure isn’t here to have a hearing. I knew the GOP would mess up, but I didn’t expect it to start with opening comments.

    • Utterly tone deaf. Way to prove that this is indeed a partisan production.

  3. Grassley is grandstanding in opening statement, blaming Democrats and trying to discredit Blasey Ford before she even speaks. But he’s having trouble reading.

  4. @Pandora: jinx! What is she supposed to say now? His remarks will go unanswered for lack of time.

  5. Poor Dr. Ford looks like she’s ready to cry. Wonder how many Xanax she popped this morning? More than the day of the two question “lie detector exam”?

    • The more you comment, the more I realize how nervous you guys are.

      • Looks like Dr. Ford is a little more nervous. She works a little harder, the tears will surely come.

        Do we give a shit about her remodeling her home?

        What a joke.

        • We already know you’re a vile asshole. You don’t have to keep proving it.

          • Oh, wait. That can’t be anger you’re demonstrating because you’re all about the lulz. You limpdick conservatives are all the same. You believe the lies you tell yourself about yourself, so you think we’ll all believe them to. You and Trump have a lot in common.

            • xyz has to go this route probably because he’s been involved in the same behavior.

              Notice how he doesn’t attack her testimony, only personal attacks (slut-shaming, drug use accusations).

              • He can probably rest easy though. I doubt he’ll ever be anything of importance in his life where his victims will feel compelled to shield the public from him. Not saying I wouldn’t support justice… be it for a lifetime free ride on the taxpayers dime… or if hes cleaning toilets at a Wendys…. just saying, he’s already probably a nothing burger and, like all white men, thinks he is WAY more valuable than he actually is.

            • I thought Kavanaugh had a lot in common. His performance today was pure Trumpian.

    • try harder, dude. You come off as even more emotional and confused than your daddy did at his “i understand this guy because we’re both rapists” press conference.
      I expect higher quality trolling and you’re like if Bevis started reading Redstate, then blogging drunk after yet another failed pickup attempt. What pisses me off most about you is how unoriginal you are. I’d charge that you are actually the work of one of the Contributors, an attempt to liven things up a bit, but they are all more creative than to come up with a crusty sock puppet like you. Be a better troll.

      btw, I personally think Kavanaughs confirmation will be forced through, just like his “first time” … the fun will be impeaching him, Thomas, Gorschuch (or however the damp fuck spells it’s name) and replacing them with people I truly hope make guys like you stroke out with rage.

  6. Glad that DiFi (!) is able to respond. The problem I see is how can Kavanaugh possibly prove the negative? That’s why the GOP are shooting themselves in a foot by denying an FBI investigation.

  7. This 5 minute format is a mess.

    • LMAO she’s already been called out on half a dozen lies in her testimony. You really sure you want that FBI investigation?

      • Yes, I really want an FBI investigation. Are you, like Kavanaugh, changing your story?

  8. I find this fascinating — the pingponging between the detailed questioning by the prosecutor and the combination of grandstanding (let’s be honest), entering into the record of documents, and piecemeal questioning by the Democrats. It’s very theatrical.

    • Pretty illuminating as to which side is interested in getting the facts and which side is…. not.

      • If your side was interested in facts, there’d be an FBI investigation and Mark Judge would be there.

        FOX is not happy. Chris Wallace has called this a disaster for Republicans.

        Wallace also says, “in wake of Kavanaugh allegations “two of my daughters have told me stories that I have never heard before about things that happened in high school & hadn’t told their parents… I don’t this we can disregard Ford and the seriousness of this.”

        I’m sure these guys are just floozies and skanks, too.

      • agreed. the pro-rape MAGAT party really wants this to go away so they can get back to abusing brown children.

        • Not just brown children (altho they are their favorites). There’s an unusually high level of pedophilia in the GOP.

  9. I am not watching, but I am keeping track of reactions across the internet. Hillary Clinton just called them deplorables. Today most of them, like our alphabet soup man, are demonstrating just how deplorable they are.

    I’m also seeing tweets from everywhere talking about women crying openly while listening or watching what sounds like a typical GOP clown show. The damage the GOP is doing to itself is permanent; Kavanaugh’s seat on SCOTUS is not.

    The problem for the xyz’s of this country is that nobody in the US holds power permanently. His ilk have mistaken a temporary situation for a permanent one. As my grandmother used to say (I’ll translate), “After the laughing comes the crying.”

  10. To paraphrase our troll, when the Fox pundits are calling it a disaster for Republicans…

  11. This prosecutor is sooo bad. Is her big point that someone who is afraid of flying flies? Hey! That’s me! I hate flying, but I’ve traveled by airplane. A lot.

    Republicans made a huge error picking Rachel Mitchell. Did she even prepare for this? But we know when it comes to Republicans women are interchangeable. Hey! We need a women! (see: Palin, Sarah)

    • I think the questions are coming from the Senate staff. I think she might have gotten the job because she was the first one who said “yes.”

      • I wouldn’t blame the prosecutor — she is in an untenable position. I actually think that her detailed questioning of Blasey Ford is helpful, and her asking the line of questions about political influence (right after lunch) are going to be helpful in supporting Blasey Ford’s claim of this not being a political smear or politically motivated. I hope she is as deliberate and dogged in her questioning of Kavanaugh.

        • Prosecutor was low key and didn’t try to compete with the theatrics of the Democrats. She obviously knew very well that her intended audience consists of exactly three people – Senators Flake, Collins, and Murkowski. So she quietly poked enough holes in B-F’s case without embarrassing her, allowing the good Senators to vote Aye for confirmation of Judge Kav and not catch too much flak from the normies.

          • Mitchell poked no holes with her questioning.

            • It was subtle, Pandora, which probably explains why you didn’t pick up on it.

              Unlike the clown show from the Democrats.

              I’m sure you were jumping up and down along with the rest of the good people listening to Harris, Booker, Blumenthal, et al.

              • Notice you didn’t name them.

                • 1) Who was at party – at least three versions
                  2) Was it laughter she heard? Or a conversation? Or steps?
                  3) Fear of flying?
                  4) When was the polygraph?
                  5) Who exactly did she tell about the incident?
                  6) Why exactly did she come out with the allegations?

                  • You’re like the guy who volunteers to go on stage with a pickpocket and doesn’t know his watch is gone until the end of the act.

                    Once you realize your side lost bigly, you’ll be back to rationalize it away.

                    “Normies.” And we’re supposedly the funny ones.

                    • And, just to take one step back again, why the compulsion to be here doing this? Why this driving need to rationalize your beliefs to people who don’t share them?

                      I think it’s because you believe that if you can “win” debates here it validates your selfishness, that if you prove to yourself that you’re smarter than those lame libs it justifies your worldview.

                      BTW, someone taking careful notes on the testimony isn’t doing this for the lulz. One of the things I learned in journalism is to ignore what people say but watch what they do. What did your field of endeavor teach you, other than “look out for No. 1′?

                    • Alby – are you watching Kavanaugh?

                      He is absolutely killing it.

                      It’s over.

                      I think he’ll get at least half a dozen Democrats.

                  • LOL!

                    1) We already knew what she could and couldn’t remember.
                    2) Probably both. You know how guys like you talk. Lots of “Duuude! Bro!” She never claimed to have heard exactly what they said.
                    3) She doesn’t like to fly, and when you look at where those claims (that she couldn’t testify because she wouldn’t fly) came from it doesn’t seem to have come from her.
                    4) You’ll have to explain the point you’re trying to make the polygraph, ’cause I don’t get it.
                    5) She testified who she told about the incident. Why do you think this is important
                    6) Umm… because it’s true

                    “Looks like Dr. Ford is a little more nervous. She works a little harder, the tears will surely come.”

                    Since that was discrediting to you, guess Kavanaugh’s tears are suspect.

                    • No, I’m not watching, just checking online time to time. Dude, if you think he’s killing it, you don’t know any normies. From what I’m reading, it’s exactly the reaction I’d expect from someone lying. From a purely strategic standpoint nominating this guy was an unforced error.

                      He’s a crappy person, always has been. Just looking at his yearbook we all know that guy from high school. Nothing wrong with that per se, politics is full of that sort, but it’s a bridge too far to put him on SCOTUS. Your side fucked up by not cutting bait right away. Optics would have been entirely different if they had nominated the woman. Don’t bother denying it, they thought they were bulletproof and they weren’t. Face it, our political class, even the brains of the operations, are not the best and the brightest in this society, and it shows, and I’m talking about both parties.

              • “good people” = .

                Nice editing job.

  12. What an awful, horrible person Lindsey Graham is.

    Emma Dumain
    ‏ @Emma_Dumain

    A woman just told @LindseyGrahamSC she was raped. He said, as he headed into an elevator, “I’m sorry. Tell the cops.”

    • “I’m sorry. Tell the cops.”


      “It’s their job to ignore you. Stop bothering me.”

    • It’s pretty clear he is being blackmailed about something. I hope the stress ruins him.

  13. Methinks he doth protest too much.

  14. Wow. His opening statement disqualifies him for the Supreme Court. “The Left”, “Borking”, “Revenge on behalf of the Clintons”; “Goes around comes around”.

  15. It’s about time he shut up.

  16. Holy crap! He really did disqualify himself for a seat on the court. How can he even claim impartiality after that statement?

  17. Diane Feinstein asks why he doesn’t want an FBI investigation, Kavanaugh yells at her, but doesn’t answer the question.

  18. I think the Republicans will regret their choice to use a sex crimes prosecutor. Her first questions after his opening statement were appropriate, but the impression is so demeaning. Grassley should have called a time out to let Kavanaugh collect himself.

  19. He is forgetting the first rule — don’t ask a question that wasn’t asked.

  20. But everyone else was doing it!

    • Except for his previous statements when he claimed he didn’t do what everyone else was doing!

  21. Is K drunk now??? He’s so belligerent. Total meltdown. I think he is now grasping at straws for a last ditch effort to get a job as White House Counsel. That can be the only reason for him to go partisan in his opening statement. Deny, deny, deny.

  22. Kavanaugh claims that he would have been the legally drinking in the Summer of 1982. Kavanaugh was born February 12, 1965, making him 17 years old. He was not legally drinking that Summer and in 1983, when he turned 18, he would have not been “grandfathered” under the law change that occurred in January 1982.

  23. I’m dying here. Kavanaugh says the reference to “ralphing” in his yearbook was due to his weak stomach and boofing referred to flatulence.

  24. And Devil’s Triangle is a drinking game?

  25. One important result of all this is that it exposes the fiction that “the elites” don’t run the Republican Party. A lot of these poor schmoes think the Democrats are the elitists. Some of them are, but they learned it from the GOP.

    • If he did this, then let the police come in and make an arrest. No woman should go thru what she did.

      Should be term limits!

      The FBI IS law enforcement, that is what multiple Democrats have asked for. They just want to drag this out, for political reasons…… take control what they lost. They’ll do this for everyone, Trump puts up for the court.
      “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.” Jesus Christ.

      • What in Jim Beam are you yammering about?

        • Don’t drink alcohol. Thank you! What part don’t you understand??

          • Why you think we care what you think.

            • I don’t care what you think, Al.

              • None of us cares what you think. Yet here you are. Why?

                • Must be love, that I’m feeling. AL! So, why do you comment, to any of my posts, If you don’t care? Miss me?

                  • You might want to get that comma key fixed, on your, keyboard, so you don’t, have commas popping up where, they’re incorrectly used.

                    To clarify, I don’t care what you think. I do care that you won’t go away until you have something intelligent to add to the conversation.

  26. So to recap:

    There is still no evidence to back Blasey-Ford’s allegations, and all of the witnesses that she claims were there have emphatically denied that any of the events she described took place. Democrats didn’t even bother mentioning the other claims as it was clear it only made them look worse. Rachel Miller calmly poked several gaping holes in Blasey-Ford’s story. Reportedly the 30 year veteran sex crimes prosecutor told Republicans that following these hearings she wouldn’t even be able to obtain a search warrant based on Blasey-Ford’s testimony.

    Feinstein was shown to be a complete incompetent. It is clear that Blasey-Ford was badly served by the blatantly political efforts of Feinstein’s office and their complete miscalculation of how these claims should have been handled.

    Odds on Cory Booker and Kamala Harris obtaining the 2020 Democratic nomination have dropped significantly as their questioning closely resembled a wet firecracker. Both are one trick ponies who will not show up well on the national stage.

    Lindsey Graham has grown a spine and issued a rallying cry that will echo through the midterms. It appears that the left has finally succeeded in uniting the never-Trumper and MAGA factions of the Republican party by their ridiculous actions with regards to this nomination.

    Kavanaugh likes to drink beer. I’ll probably send him a case after the bullshit he has had to put up with.

    He can drink it to celebrate his appointment to the Supreme Court early next week. 54-46. All Republicans plus Manchin, Donnelly, and Heitkamp will vote to confirm the appointment.

    • Somebody missed the news today. Donnelly already said he was a NO before we got another delay.

      Do you eat shit everyday or just on special occasions?

      Try to keep up with the plot, dawg.

    • Here is Donnelly’s statement.

      You may want to fuck off and reassess I think.

      • Sorry you didn’t lose a few teeth down at your “protest” yesterday. Was kind of wishing the cops would go Chicago ’68 on the freaks.

        • Who the fuck are you? I’d happily see who’d lose teeth and in what cirumstance, but you’re a typical fucking anonymous coward.

          You’re dim witted and soft. Plus you’re scared. It’s funny to me.

          You should ask around motherfucker.

        • Don’t follow him down his rabbit hole. Notice how he ignored and deflected from your point on Donnelly?

      • Read a little more closely, genius. That’s all I am going to say on the topic.

        • Piece of trash anonymous troll nobody.

          Come at me XZY if that’s your real name.

          Don’t hide like a fucking baby. Sign your name.

  27. “He can drink it to celebrate his appointment to the Supreme Court early next week. 54-46. All Republicans plus Manchin, Donnelly, and Heitkamp will vote to confirm the appointment.”

    Where do you dream up this stuff? You’ve already been proven wrong, as they’ve just made an apparent agreement for an FBI probe and a one-week delay.

    Are you under the impression it makes you sound like some sort of serious analyst of politics? The fact is you’ve never made any statement showing an understanding of policy. It’s apparently just like sports, something to bet on and argue about whose predictions are better. Those of us who do understand politics see right through it. Why you continue to embarrass yourself is, again, something you should discuss with your analyst.

    Everything you said above could be gleaned from listening to about a half-hour of conservative media and means essentially nothing; they’re just talking points, mostly based on subjective judgments that reflect nothing beyond an immersion in conservative media.

    Donnelly already voted “No” on letting him out of committee, so they’ll demonize him no matter how he votes next week, meaning he’ll vote “no” then, too, because the damage is already done.

    This is what I mean when I say you demonstrate no aptitude at all for punditry. All the snotty insults in the world won’t make up for having no game.

  28. It will be 54-46 after the investigation. Bank it.

    Feinstein and her crew of good people spent the whole hearing yesterday insisting on the FBI investigation.

    They will now get one.

    Now think about which branch of the government controls the FBI and will set the parameters and duration of the investigation.

    The investigation will consist of the following. Interviews with three witnesses, Blasey-Ford, and Kavanaugh. As a matter of fact they may just review the statements already given.

    They will find nothing to substantiate Blasey Ford’s allegations. The basic facts of the “case” will not change.

    Red state Dems, Flake, Murkowski, and Collins will all now have a plausible reason to vote Yes.

    54-46, just delayed a few days.

    • “Bank it.”

      Your bravado might impress your friends down at the militia meetings, but it means nothing here. It appears the investigation will be a sham, so you don’t know what’s going to happen. Nobody does. And if you hit it by dumb luck, so what? It doesn’t make you smart.

      Indeed, you like to pretend you’re some sort of expert when in fact you’re quite frequently wrong, you just don’t have to have any accountability, which is probably just the way you like it.

      There are places you can place wagers on this. This isn’t one of those places. As I say, you have serious insecurity issues to feel a need or urge to do this in the first place.

      Let me let you in on a little secret: Unless you place bets on these prognostications, there’s no money in it, and everyone here thinks you’re an asshole whether you guess right or not.

      So what’s the real problem? Mommy didn’t love you?

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