GOP Chair Resigns, Blasts Arlett, and Warns of Scandal

The Chairman of the New Castle County Republican Party, Peter Kopf, has resigned, and in so doing, fired off a fiery resignation email that criticizes the party and its Senate candidate Rob Arlett.  The email is produced in full below.  But Mr. Kopf alludes to some “critical information” about Arlett that presumably has yet to come out, but will, and when it does will destroy not only Arlett’s campaign but will do severe damage to all GOP down ballot candidates.

“Mr. Arlett lacks the character and integrity needed to lead our Ticket and receive my support.”  I wonder what it could be?   We already know Arlett doesn’t pay his taxes and has debt issues.

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4 comments on “GOP Chair Resigns, Blasts Arlett, and Warns of Scandal

  1. It’s worth it to read the whole thing. The unfitness of Arlett here is the tip of the iceberg. According to Mr. Kopf, the entire GOP enterprise in Delaware is corrupt all the way across the board. It reads as if this was building for awhile. I sympathize with Mr. Kopf. But then, the “rational” part of the GOP went along with every bit of the crazy that came their way. Because the deal was power at any cost and there was no room for principle or even grace.

    • 50 odd years of lying and dog whistling to capitalize on creating racial tensions. Incarcerating their opposition using the law enforcement tools (cannabis on schedule 1) that were created for them via lies and disinformation. It has been about power for a long time. Delawareans need to remind themselves about the difference between humble public service and naked grabs for power.

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