1st RD Primary Map

Nnamdi Chukwuocha swept all but one of the First District’s precincts, but what is notable is the margin by which he won.   He two precincts by 40%, another two precincts by 30%, and then another five precincts by 20%.   This is a Democratic Primary electorate that was long past tired of their Representative and were ready for a change.  1stRDPrimaryMap

This Map was created by Nicholas Schrieber, who has allowed us to share his work here.  Thanks Nick!

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3 comments on “1st RD Primary Map

  1. So the one ED that went for Potter is just south of the PAL on Market St and goes from approx the communities around Riverview Cemetery to Washington St with 27th St as the southern boundary. Pretty decisive everywhere else. Certainly looks like this District wanted a change.

  2. Looks like the higher income areas overwhelmingly favored Nnamdi, while the lower income areas just slightly favored him.

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