Jennings Sweeps the State

Another map from data analyst Nicholas Schrieber.  Jennings dominated up and down the state, except for one district in Sussex where Johnson won, and parts of Wilmington and New Castle where LaKresha Roberts won.   DmhKQkwX0AAObSW

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3 comments on “Jennings Sweeps the State

  1. Mitch Crane

    Jennings carried every RD (Representative District) in Sussex by large margins. Chris Johnson won one very small ED in the 36th (3-2), 36-09 and tied one- 36-10 (6-6).

  2. MEaningless.

    The one district that Johnson won in Sussex is the same district that Dennis Williams won in the auditor’s race. I don’t know if that’s meaningful, but it’s interesting.

  3. Mitch Crane

    That is correct, but the extremely low numbers are nuts. 9-36 was 0 Davies, 2 McGuiness and 3 Williams. 10-36 was 6 Davies, 6 McGuiness and 5 Williams. 9-36 votes at Georgetown Middle School (in the 37th!) and 10 at Slaughter Beach Fire Hall

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